Patient bed monitoring at hospital Wattwil

Hospital Wattwil in Switzerland opened the doors to its new inpatient wing in March 2018. 88 patient beds have been fitted with LEGIC technology.

Security and comfort for the patient

The innovative service offers comfort, security and efficiency for the patient and hospital operator. A monitor is installed at every patient bed which allows patients to identify themselves by using an RFID smartcard or bracelet. Patients can log into their bed computer at any time, day or night.

A variety of information in one place

In addition to patient monitoring, information such as menus, services and other special hospital information can be accessed via the hospital’s extranet. The resulting costs can be easily and instantly debited from the card’s account.

Cabinets by the patient’s bed and the lighting and curtain controls can also be accessed using a smartcard. All of this makes the processes at the hospital much easier. Patients learn how to use the system intuitively and welcome this helpful and smart technology.

"With the technology from LEGIC we have every opportunity to integrate more applications at the hospital in future" - André Juszko, Head of Technology / Medical Technology, Hospital Wattwil

Expanding the system

System expansion with personalized treatment information and appointments or transfer to smartphones and tablets is already being planned: another step towards a fully digital hospital. Wattwil has already taken the first step with digital patient files. The processes are being increasingly automated to reduce paper processes and guarantee efficient and error-free process management.

Lead with Ondamedia

The system was integrated and the project was completed by the company Ondamedia, a company experienced in this field.

    Benefits for the end-user:

    • Easy to use thanks to an intuitive user interface
    • All hospital service information is available at every patient bed
    • Different applications in the hospital can be integrated based on one system
    • Highly reliable and secure information storage and processing

    LEGIC technology used in this project:

    • 4000 series security modules
    • Smartcard ICs

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    Smartcard ICs

    LEGIC advant is a cutting-edge transponder technology consisting of ICs for smartcards, key rings, watches, etc. Transponder applets can also be used as "virtualized" chips stored on JAVA cards.

    Smartcard ICs

    Security Modules

    LEGIC security modules are compatible with all common RF standards, NFC and Bluetooth. Their compact design and  low energy consumption makes them the perfect choice for wide range of ID solutions.

    Security Modules

    Application areas

    The LEGIC Security Platform is used in a wide range of application areas requiring automated high-security such as Enterprise access control, Industrial IoT, Mobility and Smart City applications.