ICA equips the biggest fully automatic car park in Dubai

The German company ICA Chipkartensysteme GmbH & Co. KG has equipped the biggest fully automatic car park in Dubai with transponder cards featuring LEGIC advant-based chips. In total, over 2500 cards are in use.

Welcome to the amazing new world of automated car parking: no sharp turns of the steering wheel as you drive up endless ramps, no more horrendous scratches from awkward parking maneuvers in tiny parking spaces, no more searching for your car on multiple parking levels, no more stress while trying to find the right parking space for your size of vehicle.

To many drivers’ ears, it all sounds like something in the distant future – but it is now a reality in Dubai. Adjacent to the Conrad Hilton Hotel, a fully automatic, twelve story public car park has been constructed which has been equipped with specially developed ICA systems technology in cooperation with the Westfalia Group.

Simple and fully automatic

The principle is simple: users simply drive into the interior of one of the eight possible entry boxes, park their vehicle, and leave the car. After confirming a few security questions, they receive a coded contactless chip card. The fully automatic parking process – which the customer is unaware of – then begins and is completed within a few minutes. Several hundred vehicles can be parked per hour in this way. The entire system, with over 1000 parking spaces, consists of eight entry and exit boxes, eight vehicle elevators and 22 transport trolleys which move the vehicles horizontally back and forth within the automated park house. The ICA system technology uses transponder cards with LEGIC advant technology embedded in the car park tickets.

“ICA and the chip card have formed a perfect symbiosis.”

Christian Wulff, CEO ICA

Pick up your vehicle stress-free

Drivers can pay at one of two payment terminals when they return to the car park. Picking up their vehicle is extremely straightforward and stress free: the customer pushes their chip card into the payment terminal where it is read via RFID and pays the displayed parking fee. After the payment is complete, the terminal requests the vehicle and notifies the customer of the exit box in which the vehicle will arrive. The customer then proceeds to the indicated exit box and inserts their car park chip card into the ICA terminal. The customer is then informed in how many seconds the vehicle will be made available by the conveyor system. Once the vehicle enters the exit box, the doors of the box open and the customer can enter their vehicle in the spacious exit box and drive off.

Comfort for all

Since all of the areas where human interaction takes place are air conditioned, a high level of comfort is also provided. The specially developed ICA software also provides a frontend console for the car park operators. All of the relevant information from the inventory control computer and the parking software comes together here and enables the operator to manage and control the sophisticated system via a single monitor.

Due to its size and user- friendly nature, the fully automatic parking system is an excellent example of the high-performance of the ICA system technology and the robust medium of the reusable chip card. The system is deployed in the United Arab Emirates, and similar systems also operate in New York and Segovia (Spain).

LEGIC products and services:

  • Transponder: advant-based smartcard ICs
  • Contactless Security modules embedded in all card readers


LEGIC partner in this project:

  • ICA Chipkartensysteme GmbH & Co. KG (transponder card manufacturer)


Learn more about ICA Chipkartensysteme at https://ica.de/en

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