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Farpointe Data builds upon LEGIC

By leveraging each other‘s technologies, LEGIC and Farpointe Data are at the forefront of the new expanding market for secure mobile credentials. LEGIC‘s 6000 series security modules and the mobile service LEGIC Connect are at the heart of Farpointe‘s new, award-winning Conekt® mobile smartphone access control solution.  Farpointe’s first Conekt products are the K-BLE mobile access credentials and K-SMART3 electronic access readers with Wiegand output that support both mobile and traditional physical credentials.

Electronic access control

Mobile smartphone-based access control credentials are an evolution of traditional RFID cards and tags, joining proximity and smartcard credentials to identify a user as he moves about a secured facility. Mobile credentials make it possible for smartphones, such as the Apple iPhone and the range of Google Android devices, to be used as an electronic access control credential.

Mobile credentials

Gartner suggests that by 2020, 20 percent of organizations will use mobile credentials for physical access. Security professionals creating electronic access control systems need to be aware that 95+ percent of all adults 18-44 years own smartphones. Plus, 69 percent of the entire population already uses smartphones. And, the average smartphone user touches their device 2617 times a day (Dscout Research).

Thus, practically anyone using an access system already carries a smartphone. Another way to look at it is that every smartphone user, or almost everybody, could now easily download a mobile access credential.

    High security

    Conekt recognizes the latest cybersecurity responsibilities expected of access control system providers. Original solutions often compelled end users to disclose sensitive confidential information about themselves and their installation. The new Conekt solution provides an easy way to distribute credentials with features that allow the user to register only once, needing just the smartphone’s number, and requiring no other portal accounts or activation features.

    “Classic access control is only the beginning of the uses of mobile credentials. More opportunities are on the way.” - Scott Lindley, General Manager, Farpointe Data, Inc.

    We're only at the beginning

    Classic access control is only the beginning. More opportunities are on the way. How about using your smartphone as an intelligent key for your car? Want to know where your son is driving, how fast, if he added gas or oil or if anyone else is in the car? How about using it to access your gym, automatically sync to a piece of equipment, immediately gain expert advice or analyze the effectiveness of your workout?

    Use your smartphone for everything

    Forget all those other tags and cards. Your smartphone will become the passport to all aspects of your life from work to home to avocations. And at a fraction of the investment in traditional credentials, secure mobile Conekt credentials are all you will need.

    Advantages for the end user:

    • Conekt supports both Apple iPhone and the range of Google Android smartphones
    • All access credentials can be carried on a single device – less wastage
    • No requirement to disclose sensitive private information
    • Mobile credentials are secure, resisting both skimming and cloning

    For details visit www.farpointedata.com

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