ExtraPlatz - More storage space at the push of a button

If the cellar is too small, too full, or the attic too narrow, you need a piece of “ExtraPlatz” ("Extra Space") – a different type of storage space. Thanks to Swiss-based Fruchtlänge 7, LEGIC and dormakaba, everyone can acquire additional storage space within minutes, whether for luxury sports equipment, beloved children’s toys, permanent winter clothing or large musical instruments: there is no limit to the ideas and possibilities.

No physical keys, no hassle

There has never been anything like ExtraPlatz in Switzerland before. The vision of Fruchtlänge 7 AG is as follows: additional storage space can be taken advantage of simply and quickly via mobile communications. ExtraPlatz is ideal for people who don’t have enough space at home. Who doesn’t have cherished things at home that they don’t use every day, or perhaps only rarely, but would never dream of giving away?! Pushchair, bike trailers or your grandfather's old toy train collection: ExtraPlatz offers just the right extra storage space for such things. You can rent storage spaces between 1 m² and 10 m².

An app as a key

Thanks to LEGIC and dormakaba, the solution could be flawlessly integrated into the ExtraPlatz system. An app based on the LEGIC Connect Trusted Service, Software Development Kit (SDK) and 4000-series Reader ICs was developed together with dormakaba. The system acts as a secure key to access storage spaces - simply register on the ExtraPlatz website, download the app, verify your mobile number via the trusted service LEGIC Connect and you have the right to enter your additional storage space via contactless Bluetooth Low Energy communications. Due to the fact that your key resides directly on your smartphone, and not stored "somewhere", you have instant access to your ‘ExtraPlatz’ 24/7 and always have your key with you. The app can also be shared with someone so that, for example, you can give family members access to your space.

"We searched for the perfect solution for a long time. The clever solution from dormakaba and LEGIC was convincing. Security was planned into every detail right from the start." 
- Hans Peter Zutt, Founder ExtraPlatz Fruchtlänge 7 AG

Security is a priority

Security was planned into every detail right from the start. At ExtraPlatz, the same security standards are used as for online banking. In addition, storage spaces are opaque and have video surveillance cameras monitored by trained security personnel. ExtraPlatz uses simple processes: reserve online, check in, log in, book and unlock with your own mobile phone and store objects. A completely successful project!

For complete details, visit https://www.extraplatz.ch/

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