High-security electronic lock system

FATH Mechatronics now offers TANlock, a high-security electronic lock system for server cabinets and access control systems based on the LEGIC Security Platform.

The scalable access control system is easily managed even with hundreds of installed locks. Areas of use include colocated businesses and services, data centers, law firms, industrial security and high-security storage areas.

Part of LEGIC’s ID Partner Network, FATH GmbH is an internationally active company with headquarters close to its roots in the Frankonian lake district of Germany near Nuremberg. Through its US-based parent company, FATH Group, the road to the North American markets is also paved for FATH Mechatronics.

“We are proud to introduce FATH’s highly secure TANlock access control system which works seamlessly with LEGIC’s access control technology.” Said Felix Lang, Marketing at FATH,  “TANlock is a modular, centrally managed  security system implementing a wide range of  authentication options including smartcard/RFID, PIN, hand vein and fingerprint verification. It can be added to virtually any new or existing access control installation. It enables a wide variety of applications where managed access to valuable assets is critical. We are confident that we offer one of the best solutions on the market thanks to our partnership with LEGIC.”

FATH’s TANlock is based on LEGIC’s SM-6300 contactless Security Module. Through this partnership, more synergies between LEGIC and FATH Mechatronics can be capitalized on: FATH also develops project-based solutions for a wide variety of high-security access control systems.

For more details visit: www.tanlock.com

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