Combining security with beauty: the IMA RSW.05 reader

LEGIC Partner, Czech-based IMA, has been developing identification and access control systems for over 30 years. The company’s technology has been integrated into products made by well-known companies such as Skoda, Siemens, Foxconn, and most recently Four Seasons Hotels.

The Four Seasons Hotel Prague resides in a historic 16th century baroque building located in the old city. The building combines classic architectural elements with modern facilities.

To maintain the look and feel of the hotel, the management had to solve the problem of how to provide secure, contactless and at the same time aesthetically pleasing access to operational areas of the hotel for their employees.

Merging modern technology with classic design: the RSW.05 smart reader

IMA won the tender for the project with the RSW.05 reader. Based on the LEGIC security module SM-6300 with integrated secure element, RFID, NFC and Bluetooth, the reader implements cryptographic protocols to fully protect against non-authorized access to high-security areas of the hotel. The readers can also be integrated with time and attendance as well as reservation systems. Thanks to the reader’s flexibility and attractive design of the housing in robust stone, wood, or plastic options, they seamlessly merge with the interior of the luxury five-star hotel.

“For almost three decades our company has been developing identification and information that make life easier for thousands of people.” Said IMA Sales Director Jiří Bárta, “But we wanted something more. We wanted people who use our technology to come across something beautiful every day. We wanted to create technology that represented us and our values. We decided to create our own design, which is timeless, sustainable and made in the Czech Republic”.

"We have had good experience with IMA’s access and attendance systems since 2001. Thanks to the cryptographic capabilities and flexible design of their covers, the RSW.05 readers provide high security while blending in with the wooden paneling of the Four Seasons Prague hotel. They do not disturb its atmosphere in any way" said Pavel Trávníček, Security Director of the Four Seasons Hotel.

    Smartcard and smartphone compatible

    The RSW.05 is a universal reader which enables guest and employee authentication based on a wide range of ID media such as smartcards, key fobs and smartphone app thanks to LEGIC’s support of RFID, NFC and Bluetooth. For smartcard applications, the RSW.05 supports LEGIC prime and advant, MIFARE Classic, and MIFARE DESFire ID cards or tags.

    In addition to the IMAporter Mobile Access platform, the reader also supports the LEGIC Connect service. Both platforms are designed for sophisticated management and distribution of mobile keys via the cloud.

    Easy configuration
    The RSW.05 enables limitless configuration options with the help of a smart mobile application or a set of configuration cards. This allows Four Seasons Hotel to change configurations quickly and easily without the need to remove the reader.

    Maximum security
    With the optional use of advanced cryptographic protocols such as OSDP, the RSW.05 is perfect for providing secure access control for critical infrastructure facilities.

    To view a short video about the IMA reader at Four Seasons Prague hotel, click here.

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