Secure smartcard IC
at low cost

ATC256-MV410 belongs to LEGIC's advant smartcard ICs.

LEGIC's advant smartcard ICs offer a high security level at low cost. They are the perfect choice for high volume projects like hotel key cards, anti-fake labelling, city cards, e-tickets, etc. The combination of a wide reading distance, good transaction speed and a powerful, modern security architecture form the basis for reliable and competitive RFID solutions. These smartcard ICs are the best choice for all who want to migrate from older, less secure contactless chips to modern, highly secure ones without incurring any economic disadvantages.

Hotel key cards

LEGIC’s ATC256-MV410 fulfills all the requirements for the hotel industry and is the preferred choice for contactless hotel key cards. This modern smartcard IC offers a higher security level as well as a larger reading distance than comparable ISO 15693 products and is therefore the preferred hotel door opener to an unbeatable price.

Anti-fake labelling

Anti-fake labelling chips, often use no or older security mechanisms. The ATC256-MV410 has a special low-power encryption which does not jeopardize the long reading distances required for anti-fake labels.

City cards

City cards are used as electronic travel cards, payment, customer or gift cards. As the possibilities and combinations are endless, the chip used is equipped with enough memory space, has a wide reading distances for good user experience and trusted security.

Technical data of


RF standard ISO 15693
Memory size (Byte) 224
UID (Byte) *** 8
Safe ID Yes
Range ** Up to 70 cm
Key management
(per application)
Master-Token System-Control
Data transfer encryption Grain128a
Data storage encryption
(per application)
AES (128/256 Bit), 3DES
LEGIC encryption
Cryptographic authentication
(per application) ***
128 Bit
Max. number
of applications *
Memory segmentation Dynamic
Application segment size Variable
Data retention (min.) 10 years
EEPROM cycles (min.) 100,000
Baud rate (kbit/s) Up to 26.48
Delivery form Wafer
Certified hardware platforms

* Memory size indications are nominal values. The effective max. number of applications is depending on the memory requirements of applied applications
** Max. reading range depends on used RF standard, the requirements of national spectrum management authorities, reader application, antenna, transponder suroundings
*** Depends on RF standard

Evaluation Kit

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LEGIC security modules provide a high degree of flexibility and a unique range of functions:

They can be integrated into versatile of applications and offer easy access to various, also mobile, identification media.
The security modules are designed for use with LEGIC advant and prime and support third-party transponders, such as MIFARE or HID iCLASS® .


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  • Evaluation of the LEGIC 4000 or 6000 series
  • Introduction to the 4000 or 6000 series instruction set
  • Design examples of battery-operated and line-powered readers
  • Access to the unique LEGIC Master-Token System-Control
  • Entry into the use of the LEGIC Orbit solution
  • Use of LEGIC prime and advant smartcards, as well as MIFARE Classic and DESFire
  • Access to HID iCLASS smartcards
  • Compatible with Bluetooth Low Energy