LEGIC SM-6310 Programmable Security Module

IoT Edge Processor with RFID,
Bluetooth® and Secure Element

Intelligent security and contactless interaction for connected infrastructure and IoT devices

With application code and cryptographic keys stored in Secure Element (SE), the SM-6310 is ideal for compact, low-power, contactless applications requiring secure user authentication and credential management. It supports smartcards and iOS / Android smartphone apps based on LEGIC Connect.


  • ARM® Cortex® Core with 128 KB programmable flash memory stored in EAL5+ Secure Element ("Custom Code")
  • Supports RFID, NFC and Bluetooth 5 for smartphone, smartcard, fob, tag and label based applications
  • Compatible with LEGIC advant, neon, NXP MIFARE*, HID iCLASS*, LEGIC MTSC and Connect
  • High security based on AES-128/256 encryption, hardware Root-of-Trust

Technical data of

SM-6310 or SM-6310init
with firmware OS50

Variants - SM-6310 with standard functionality
- SM-6310init with extended functionality: Initialization of LEGIC advant and prime segments
Microcontroller - ARM 32-bit RISC processor with 50 MHz clock
- 128 KB Custom Code flash memory in SE
- 5 KB RAM
- Hardware accelerated functions for Custom Code:
- Crypto algorithms: AES-128/256 (CBC & ECB modes),
Elliptic-curve (NIST P-256 and P-384)
- Persistent storage for 6 ECC key pairs
- Supports Ephemeral Diffie-Hellmann (ECDHE) key exchange
- Hashing: SHA1-160, SHA2-256/384
- Message authentication via CMAC
Wired interfaces  
Host interface - UART with 38,400 or 115,200 baud or 1 Mbaud
- SPI slave mode 1 or mode 3
- I2C 400 kbit/s or 100 kbit/s
8 GPIOs - Definable as inputs, outputs, I2C, SPI, 12-bit ADC
Wireless interfaces  
Bluetooth - V5.0 Bluetooth Low Energy
- Communication to apps with LEGIC Mobile SDK
- Communication to third-party Bluetooth devices
- Central / peripheral & client / server role
- Long Term Key (LTK)
- Filter for device selection
- Bluetooth beaconing
RFID / NFC - ISO 14443 A + B
- ISO 15693
- LEGIC RF standard
- Inside Secure *
- Sony Felica **
- ST SR series
- Supports Apple licensees implementing ECP 2.0 for reading of NFC credentials in Apple Wallet
Security features  
Host interface - Authentication and encryption (optional)
Secure element - Common Criteria EAL5+ certified
- Secure transport key for LEGIC Orbit
RFID - Master-Token System-Control
- NXP key diversification
- AES-128 / 256 Bit, 3DES
Mobile ID - Key diversification
- Data encryption with end-to-end security from
LEGIC Connect to SM-6310
- Application-specific AES-128 Bit keys
Messaging to customer's management system - Data encryption
- Project-specific AES-256 key
Operating conditions  
Operating voltage (single / double supply) - RF part: Min 2.4 V; Typ 3.3 / 5.0 V; Max 3.6 / 5.5 V
- Digital part: Min 1.8 V; Typ 3.3 V; Max 3.6 V
Sleep mode current consumption depending on wake-up function *** - 0.8 µA if wake-up by change on input port
- 21.0 µA by inductive sensing (OIF), e.g. RFID card
- 4.5 µA by capacitive sensing
Operating temperature -40°C to +85°C

*   Read / write access to smartcards based on NXP MIFARE® and cyphered Inside Secure technology such as HID iCLASS®. NXP MIFARE® and HID iCLASS® are products and trademarks by a third party and not owned, manufactured or sold by LEGIC Identsystems AG.
**  Encoding is not integrated
*** Typical current consumption in “single supply” configuration

Custom Code Development Kit DK-6310

Enabling an easy entry into Custom Code programming

 The DK-6310 Development Kit supports you in the efficient design of secure, contactless and IoT applications based on the SM-6310 Security Module.


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