Key and Authorization

Enabling secure applications in a mobile world

LEGIC Orbit is the next generation of a secure key and authorization management solution. It allows the generation of random application keys and the convenient, instant and worldwide distribution of these keys together with other configuration data via smartphone or management system to readers.

  • Secure management of cryptographic keys
  • Instant and secure key distribution worldwide
  • Smartphone can serve as a tool for the complete reader configuration
  • Supports mobile ID with LEGIC neon

Secure key and
authorization management

Full system control

You define the required security level of your system and use as many different cryptographic keys as necessary.
You can also define, create and distribute as many Versatile Configuration Packages (VCP) as is ideal for your application.
VCP contain the cryptographic keys for your applications and any other configuration data for your reader.

To avoid sacrificing security for convenience, we designed LEGIC Orbit. It combines a highly secure cryptographic solution with a very easy way of usage.

Random key generation

To prevent manipulation of customer-specific data and to maintain data integrity, only state-of-the-art encryption methods are used. Within seconds, user-specific cryptographic application keys are generated randomly in a certified, financial industry grade environment (Hardware Security Module - HSM). These application keys are dedicated to you and never visible to anybody.

Secure key storage

Cryptographic keys are the central element for secure ID solutions and IoT projects and must be well protected. Security and control go along with convenience, as our solution guarantees that keys are always stored securely and are available anytime. In addition, keys can be permanently removed if required or necessary.

Flexible distribution

The Orbit VCP can be distributed via smartphones to all your infrastructure components, and for online components, the VCP can be distributed via your management system, enabling an automated and instant reader configuration.

Secure customer applications

LEGIC Orbit adds security to customer applications

Based on the implemented end-to-end encryption, LEGIC Orbit enables you to securely configure your mobile solutions. LEGIC Orbit secures the new credential technology LEGIC neon which is at the heart of your mobile ID solution. It also protects messaging from your microcontroller back to your management system. Based on LEGIC neon files and messaging, a wide range of different applications are possible. All of them benefit from LEGIC Orbit, giving you peace of mind that security is taken care of.

Universal configuration tool

LEGIC Orbit enables you to turn any smartphone into a universal configuration tool and replaces complex and costly hand-held devices. To load custom data or cryptographic keys into your readers, just use a smartphone with your mobile configuration app based on the LEGIC Mobile SDK. This means that any trusted person on site with a smartphone can be enabled to configure your infrastructure, fully secured by LEGIC Orbit.


To benefit from the LEGIC Orbit advantages, all you need is a LEGIC Connect account and compatible LEGIC reader ICs.
LEGIC Orbit is an integral part of these components.


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