LEGIC Master-Token System-Control (MTSC)

Key and Authorization

Enabling secure contactless RFID applications

Worldwide unique, integrated security and authorization management solution, which gives you sovereignty and control over your system. Flexible and adaptable to changing corporate structures and requirements. Does not rely on shared secrets such as volatile passswords.

LEGIC Master-Token System-Control

Security in your hands

The LEGIC Master-Token System Control is the key for secure and easy management of contactless smartcard applications. The Master-Token is the main element of the security concept providing full control over the system. The possession of a unique and uncopyable physical medium therefore means more security for the owner. The Master-Token System-Control as a security solution allows a flexible and open use of the LEGIC security platform.

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The principle of the Master-Token System-Control corresponds to an evolutionary family tree and allows the administration of different applications. A ‘genetic code’ makes each organizational unit unique. It serves the purpose of identification and traceability and ensures the security of a specific application. The Master-Token is the main element when initializing identification media and transferring authorizations to the reader.

The security of a contactless smartcard system mainly depends on the technology used. The unique Master-Token Zone concept takes the technology generation of the medium and the Master-Token into account. The Zone concept ensures that a Master-Token always corresponds to the security standard of the associated transponder technology and enables therefore a secure, long-term operation of the system. If required, a technology can be selectively deactivated. The technology generation of the Master-Token is inherited when generating LEGIC segments on ATC256-MV410, ATC1024-MV010, ATC4096-MP311, CTC4096-MP410 / MM410 and AFS4096-JP1x. This enables readers to specifically exclude individual segments based on their technology origin.

Instead of securing administrative rights in an ID system with volatile passwords, the security with MTSC is linked to a special, physical smartcard, the Master-Token. No personal data is stored on this special smartcard. The owner has the authority over an installation and preserves his independence. The Master-Token can be stored securely, transferred to trusted people and withdrawn again at any time. Only the Master-Token enables the authorization of readers and the creation of identification media and further Sub-Master-Tokens.

The Master-Token System-Control enables the simple and intuitive implementation of authorization hierarchies without the use of data and information in plain text. A Master-Token can be used to generate on so-called Blanks various Sub-Master-Tokens with different genetic codes. These can be specifically allocated to different applications, company branches, suppliers or even customers. If a reader is initialized with a Master-Token of higher hierarchy, it has access to all applications of the corresponding Sub-Master-Tokens.

The Master-Token System-Control security solution increases the flexibility and openness of the LEGIC security platform. It is, for example possible to combine applications from different providers in one system and to add or remove applications at any time. This keeps the system attractive and secure in the long term

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Ingenious Security Concept for Small Systems

Do you want to make sure your passwords are safe at all times? Do you intend to be independent from the supply chain? Our physical Master-Token System-Control allows you to do both and takes care of keeping the control over your application into your hands only.

MTSC is a unique concept
LEGIC’s Master-Token System-Control is the recognized and proven solution for secure and easy management of contactless smart card applications. The Master-Token itself is the central element in this security concept and grants full control over the system management. You are able to efficiently control the creation of smart cards and the authorization of readers, that are to be part of your system. Its smart card form factor allows you to manage the physical Master-Token the same way you keep your physical keys safe. No passwords are needed and your Master-Tokens are fully protected against duplication.

entryMTSC for single-application
Based on the ingenious concept of Master-Token System-Control, the entryMTSC provides a lot of security and control at reasonable cost. The feature set is limited to one application only and misses the ability to create hierarchical authorizations, unlike MTSC. Hence the entryMTSC is the ideal solution for simple installations with hundreds of cards.

No LEGIC Partnership necessary
Unlike MTSC, entryMTSC is available without beeing a LEGIC Partner and supports you in keeping the control over your application in your hands, independent from your supply chain and free from recurring fees.


The entryMTSC is available through any LEGIC license partner or directly on the LEGIC "Secure Extranet". It is sent in a box containing three cards (1 GAM, 1 IAM and 1 SAM) protected against any electromagnetic field fraud.

  • Independance from supply chain
  • Control over your system in your hands
  • future extension to multi-application with additional entryMTSC possible
  • security solution at reasonable cost
  • no recurring fees or maintenance contracts necessary
  • System integrator independency
  • Simple and secure way to control and operate contactless installations
  • Key & authorization management at reasonable cost

Specifications of


Applications 1
Compatibility with LEGIC security modules 2000 series
4000 series
6000 series
Compatibility with LEGIC standard access segments Yes
Compatibility with LEGIC cash segments No
Master-Token medium ATC1024-MV110