LEGIC Evaluation Kit EK-6300

Simple start with
LEGIC technology

The EK-6300 demonstrates in a simple manner the LEGIC technology.
It enables fast and efficient evaluation of the LEGIC 6000 series’ application programming interface.

The typical reader design for wired online applications, as well as the Development Kit Software help developers to efficiently design Bluetooth- and contactless smartcard applications on the basis of 13.56 MHz.

Hardware and software


EVB-6300 and DKS-6000

The Evaluation Board EVB-6300 with USB
interface is based on the SM-6300 reader chip.

Together with the Development Kit Software DKS-6000, this platform
provides easy access to the development of application software:

  • Evaluation of the SM-6300 performance
  • First application of the SM-6300 command set
  • Development of custom application software
  • Integration of different transponder types and RF standards in applications
  • Development with RFID and Bluetooth communication

Evaluation Kit EK-6300


  • Evaluation Board EVB-6300 with SM-6300init
  • LEGIC Master-Token System-Control demonstration set
  • LEGIC smartcards (ATC4096-MP312, ATC4096-MP311, CTC4096-MM410, ATC256-MV410)
  • MIFARE cards (Classic 1K, DESFire EV1 4K, Plus S 4K 4 byte UID)
  • Instruction card – how to get started
  • USB flash drive, including: Development Kit Software DKS-6000 Quick Documentation
  • USB connection cable