LEGIC Evaluation Kits

Simplicity of LEGIC
advant technology

The Evaluation Kits provide easy access to the LEGIC advant technology.

They support you in rapid and cost-efficient development of battery and line powered
readers with the LEGIC 4000 and 6000 series for contactless smartcard applications.

Evaluation Kit EK-6300

It supports an efficient development of a secure reader for Bluetooth® Smart, NFC-HCE or RFID smartcard applications.

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Custom Code Development Kit DK-6310

It supports you in the efficient design of secure, contactless and IoT applications based on the SM-6310 Security Module.

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Evaluation Kit EK-4000

It helps you with a quick and cost-efficient design-in of LEGIC's 4000 series reader ICs into battery- and mains-operated readers.

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Evaluation Kit EK-4300

It helps you to become familiar with
LEGIC's SC-4300M reader chipset
and its Bluetooth and RFID technology.

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Antenna Designer


Antenna Designer is a world unique web-based tool for designing and dimensioning 13.56 MHz printed circuit board antennas for readers - exclusively for license partners.

Key and Authorization Management Tools

Full control over
all your applications

LEGIC offers powerful solutions to secure your ID and IoT projects:


For mobile key management LEGIC Orbit allows the secure management and distribution of customer-specific application keys and
configurations directly over smartphones worldwide.

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The patented LEGIC Master-Token System-Control is a worldwide,
unique security and authorization solution for contactless smartcard applications.

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