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Consulting Services simplifies your projects whether it be definition of an employee card, technical review, or evaluation of new business cases and opportunities.

LEGIC’s long-standing expertise lowers your project risks while shortening your time-to-market.

Consulting Services are tailored to your individual needs, regardless of whether you are a system operator, system integrator, card reader or card manufacturer.


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Do you want to integrate your own ID system and need support?

We can help you to exploit the full potential of the LEGIC security platform and to manage your project efficiently and in line with your targets.

We have long-standing experience, thanks to assisting our customers in numerous ID projects, in designing, implementing and developing ID systems using our own security platform. We can put you in contact with the right specialist for you project with our extensive LEGIC partner and consultant network.


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Do you want to have a fast, rising learn curve for LEGIC base technology (RFID, Mobile ID) or an update on it?
Do you like to use the LEGIC base technology immediately?

LEGIC Academy trains you interactively and personalized on your desired topics.
You’ll gain a perfect up-to-date overview as well as technical deepness according to your demands.

Your benefit is gaining know-how about RFID, Mobile ID and its underlying technical components in different training sessions.
Such a training can be customized according to your specific demands and project topics.

A technical instructor will familiarize you with the most important characteristics and possibilities offered by the LEGIC security platform and/or you can also train your sales staff in LEGIC specific sales advantages and arguments. As part of an advanced seminar (NDA required), you will get an overall picture so that you can put the finishing touches to implementing and designing your own solutions. For license partners, we also offer customer-specific training, the joint evaluation of solutions or the development of migration scenarios.

We give license partners and customers access to a self-study platform, in the form of web-based training, for individually selected subjects (NDA required).

For certain events or when new features or a new product are launched, license partners are informed via web-based audio and video broadcasts. You can take part in these Webinars live or via records on our website.