The ID Network

LEGIC products and services are the foundation of 100,000 installations all over the world.
Today, the technological infrastructure has over 3 million readers worldwide, used by 150 million people daily.

Over 300 partner firms develop and sell products and solutions with LEGIC hardware, software and services.

Thus, end-users have the freedom to choose their supplier.


Find the right partner for your project

Become a partner


In this network with over 300 partner firms, countless specialists work on a variety of ID systems and applications.
The ID Network bundles valuable competences and know-how.
LEGIC has set itself the task of creating exchanges and synergies between these specialists.

Consequently, the projects and business opportunities are endlessly diverse.
Last but not least, many partners share the joint vision of making the everyday live of people and organisations easier and more secure.

Partner categories

As a LEGIC partner, you benefit from innovative products and services and are a part of the exclusive LEGIC partner network (ID Network).
In order to realize high quality solutions for end-users, synergies and joint business opportunities, our partners come from a variety of categories and lend their expertise to the optimal operation of the system:

Manufacturers of readers and ID media

Reader manufacturers develop and produce readers as well as associated application software. ID media manufacturers develop and make identification media (credentials) such as cards, key fobs and keys.


System integrators advise end-users in the design of their systems and combine the individual components such as readers, identification media and software in a comprehensive system. They are the first contact person for end-users.

and agents

Consultants and agents are specialized in designing and implementing ID applications based on LEGIC technology components. They lend you their experience and suggest suitable system suppliers from the LEGIC ID Network.


Operators are companies and institutions which operate ID systems in their buildings and facilities. They do not necessarily enter a license partnership. But the additional security and the independence of the system suppliers through their own key and authorization management (LEGIC MTSC or LEGIC Orbit) convince many customers to enter a partnership.

Partner search

Three simple steps

Your way to
the ID Network


Become familiar with the basics of LEGIC products and services and get to know our company.

Get a detailed picture from our website and our brochures. At your request, a technical instructor will familiarize you with the most important characteristics and possibilities offered by LEGIC hardware, software and services.

Feel free to contact us.
We will be happy to answer your questions.


This step requires the signing
of a non-disclosure agreement.

You will then get access to detailed information about the LEGIC security platform and can acquire our development tools. As part of another seminar, you can complete the picture.

You will get the basic information you need to decide whether LEGIC products and services meet your requirements.

ID Network

After signing a license agreement, you will become an official member of the LEGIC ID Network.

As a new partner, you have access to all documentation and can benefit from customer-specific training. Within the framework of our partner support, we actively assist you to assess your solutions or to develop migration scenarios, as well as to market products based on LEGIC hardware and software.

You benefit from our know-how and from sharing with other partners in the ID network.

Partner support

LEGIC attaches a great deal of importance to provide optimal support to its partners in the ID Network.

The following services are elements of the LEGIC partnership and support LEGIC license partners in developing and marketing LEGIC products:


As a LEGIC partner, you benefit from comfortable access to technical documentation and software updates at any time:

  • Development of reader hardware
  • Development of application software
  • Usage of key and authorization management (LEGIC MTSC or LEGIC Orbit)
  • Error diagnosis
  • Technical analyses (e.g. antennas, transponders, system architecture)
  • Implementation of product certifications

It requires time, manpower and know-how to improve existing systems and devices. As a LEGIC partner, you benefit from the extensive know-how of our experts. LEGIC’s Engineering Service can help you to manage these critical challenges.

  • Supports optimization of systems and devices
  • Get access to the LEGIC experts for the solution of technical challenges
  • Combine engineering and consulting services for setting up new systems and optimize existing ones
  • Reduce your time-to-market

With the LEGIC Extranet, our license partners have access to a platform that contains wide-ranging technical information:

  • Technical documentation on all LEGIC products
  • Firmware updates for LEGIC reader chips
  • Downloads and updates of software tools
  • FAQ on technical subjects
  • Antenna-Designer (online tool to tune reader antennas)

As a LEGIC partner, you benefit from many marketing services. Trade fair attendance, advertising and PR campaigns with LEGIC, together with your own activities, help you increase your success with products based on the LEGIC technology platform. LEGIC encourages co-operation among partners. Due to these exchanges, new business ideas and orders are generated.

Your presence on the LEGIC website

Get new sales contacts through presence on our website. End-users and system integrators use the LEGIC website intensively to find suitable products and LEGIC partners. Joining the ID Network can include the following elements:

  • Company record with logo, contact information and search categories (basic membership)
  • Company portrait and product descriptions (optional)
  • Announcements of new products and services in the ID Network news section (optional)

Public relations (PR)

LEGIC public relations specialists support you to boost your presence in the leading trade magazines and digital media. Send us your case studies and product news and reach thousands of potential customers.

LEGIC ID Network Conference

The exclusive networking event for and with LEGIC partners offers an exceptional platform for sharing current product and marketing information between manufacturers, system integrators and end-users. Participants get the latest information on LEGIC business strategies and products from the source.