IDENTA delivers new company ID cards for EADS headquarters

Delivery of triple-technology company ID cards and international roll-out with LEGIC CTC4096 ID cards.

IDENTA is supplying EADS with new triple-technology company ID cards and is preparing for an international roll-out of new company ID cards with LEGIC Cross-Standard smartcard ICs (CTC4096) for the EADS subsidiary, Airbus.

Multifunctional identification cards for EADS

EADS, a world leading group for air travel, space travel and defence, is introducing the new triple-technology company ID cards in Ottobrunn (Germany), London (England) and Montmorency, Suresne and Toulouse (France). This step was a necessary consequence of the EADS group’s rebranding. In the initial phase, IDENTA will deliver around 4000 ID cards to the EADS headquarters. 
At IDENTA, in the strictest possible security measures, the EADS company ID cards will be personalized with a photo, name, etc. and categorized by status (e.g. employee, temporary worker, student, external, etc.) and be endowed with different colored security strips to denote different levels of authorization. Finally, the EADS company ID card will be coded in the coding department with three RFID technologies (LEGIC prime 1024, LEGIC advant ATC4096-MP311 and Prox 125 kHZ) and be provided with an additional contact chip on the reverse.

Additional identification cards are planned

Individual EADS employee ID cards will be issued with an EADS accessory kit consisting of an EADS lanyard, a card holder and an extendable badge holder. 
For 2012, IDENTA is planning the international roll-out of around 19,000 new company ID cards for EADS companies Airbus, Cassidian, Eurocopter, ATR and Astrium for access control, time & attendance, canteen, PC login, etc. These will be equipped with the new LEGIC CTC4096, which supplies LEGIC RF and LEGIC advant functionalities in a single module. In addition, a contact chip will be implanted for the PKI application. These multi-application ID cards feature a radio interface with two standards: ISO/IEC 14443 A and LEGIC RF standard and comply with the high security requirements of LEGIC advant systems.

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