Efficient, secure and flexible

The LEGIC security platform enables to reduce efforts and costs substantially. In addition, it allows administration of different growing applications for students and employees.


Process optimization on campus

The security platform of LEGIC serves as the foundation for reducing administrative efforts and costs. Combined with online platforms, laborious forms can be skipped and campus cards can be ordered and sent to each student before the academic year begins. Applications with essential authentication data operate in self-service mode, for example attendance control or control of exams.

Campus Cards


  • Access to university´s facilities for defined time periods

  • Borrow books

  • Pay canteen and photocopies

  • Hire a bike on campus

  • Use as locker key

Be independent, have control

In a fast-moving environment, it is important to be able to make adjustments to systems easily. The LEGIC security platform gives every university independent control and authority of its system. Authorisations for the campus card can be centrally managed, changes can be made independently and adapted to individual requirements. Campus Cards are compatible with NFC and Bluetooth smartphones.


Any application

With the LEGIC security platform, combine and manage applications in line with your needs. Up to 127 applications can be stored securely on a smartcard, NFC smartphone or credit card. The system can also be subsequently extended and individual requirements implemented.

Here is a selection of the most commonly used applications based on LEGIC products and services:

Access Control

Adjust the security standard to the relevant business sector and select your identification media and suppliers.


Fraud-proof, cheap and easy to control. Save costs with the travel card of the future.

Time & Attendance

Optimal additions of other applications. Data is protected according to the latest standards.


The secure and convenient alternative to cash payment. Choose your payment model.

Follow-me Printing

Save costs with centralized control of your printing environment and boost convenience and document security.

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