Success Story: How LEGIC's solutions optimize the client's business

LEGIC Connect Go is addressing the growing trend of service providers to enable people to access almost any service via their mobile phones. 

In early 2021, LEGIC launched its new “Credentials as a Service” platform, LEGIC Connect Go. The trusted service consists of a high-availability, 24/7 cloud service that communicates with smartphone apps and LEGIC Security Modules embedded inside resources such as electronic doors, shared vehicles and industrial machines. The service is a “plug-and-play” version of LEGIC Connect which is a globally deployed service used for access control in the corporate, hospitality, education, and government sectors.

The service is targeted at services providers who do not want to deploy their own 24/7, high-availability cloud service for delivering mobile credentials to their users. Based on a LEGIC-provided trusted service, LEGIC Connect Go enables the easy implementation of smartphone app-based access to office equipment, park houses, industrial tools, shared vehicles, etc. 

Read the full article in Easy Engineering Magazine. 

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