LEGIC is a solution provider and expert for contactless identification by means of RFID, NFC, and Bluetooth Smart. Our open technology platform covers secure reader and smartcard ICs, the trusted service LEGIC Connect, an SDK for mobile apps as well as key and authorization management for the simple implementation and management of applications.

Our solution is characterized by scalable security, flexibility, simplicity, and investment protection. In the process, we accompany our customers with comprehensive consulting and support in use of the technology. Leading companies worldwide trust in our technology for employee identification, payment applications, campus cards as well as mobility and hotel solutions.

In the future, with our more than 25 years of experience, we will make the identification and communication of people and connected things in everyday life safer and less complicated.

Why we are
the right choice

All over the world, countless users have enjoyed the benefits of LEGIC hardware, software and services for over 25 years.
Unrivalled flexibility, maximum simplicity, scalable security and high investment protection are the four pillars of our technology platform.
Our products and services help to make your everyday operations secure and uncomplicated.


Your choice to suit you. We know from experience that every project is different and that each customer has their own requirements. Flexibility is therefore our guiding principle: You are free to choose each and every aspect.


ID systems are considered highly complex. We make your system easier for you. We are just as uncomplicated as our solutions. As LEGIC customers, you will receive assistance and support. We also offer well-rounded consultancy to design ID solutions.

Scalable security

With the unique Master-Token System-Control, your system’s security is in your hands. Instead of unstable passwords, control of your system is linked to a special smartcard.

Investment protection

Rely on a strong network. You have a long-term approach, and so do we. You should not have to worry about the future of your ID system. As part of a solid network, there is always a way forwards for you.



Vice President
Sales & Marketing

Dr. Daniele Rezzonico

Executive Committee: since 2018

Education: Master of Physics, Executive Master of Business Administration and promoted to the title of Doctor of Science

General Manager

Christoph Beckenbauer

Executive Committee: since 2015

Education: Master of Industrial Engineering and Management

Vice President
Innovation & Technology

Marcel Plüss

Executive Committee: since 2002

Education: Graduated Engineer in Electronics and Software Engineering

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