XBIO family: terminal with biometrics integrated

X2BIO and X3BIO are web devices for top security applications with integrated biometric technology and internal RFID reader.

Perfect for both time & attendance and access control also in combination.

Users can be identified in different ways:

  • Identification: fingerprint only
  • Verification: fingerprint + PIN code or fingerprint + RFID card (template also on card)
  • Pin or RFID card only

Terminals can store up to 9590 fingerprints (version PLUS up to 25.000) and manage up to 9999 users.

Zucchetti Axess SpA
ID Network News

New time-recording terminals 97 00 and 96 00 by dormakaba

The new versions of terminals 97 00 and 96 00 are even more flexible and energy-efficient than their predecessors.

LEGIC News magazine

6000 Series: RFID, BLE and secure element in one chip

LEGIC Identsystems Ltd is launching the 6000 series reader chips. Thanks to the secure element, the new reader chip generation can be integrated into IoT applications requiring great significance to security. Another advantage of the 6000 series is the SiP structure of the reader’s hardware...

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