The electronic compact knob cylinder by Uhlmann & Zacher

The new version of the compact electronic knob cylinder CX6162 focused on the security aspect already from its development stage, which is why all security-related components are located in the protected area of the cylinder.

At the same time, the CX6162 meets the highest design standards with its practical recessed grips and stainless steel finish. Thanks to the many variants available, it can be assembled in a number of door types. The product naturally also supports LEGIC transponder technology.

Uhlmann & Zacher GmbH
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LEGIC once again awarded ISO certification

Swiss security company LEGIC has once again been awarded certification under DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. ISO 9001 honors companies for their effective quality management and requires a process of continuous improvement. LEGIC is proud to have been awarded ISO 9001 certification on every occasion since...

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“New technologies are evolving but are revolutionary in the extent of their impacts.”

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