State of the art in technology and design

ÖKK Insurances new head office in Landquart (Switzerland) is to be built according to the highest design and technological standards. Under enormous time pressure, Kontroll-Systeme AG integrated a cashless payment system with 4000 series into a system with access control and time & attendance functions, based on a MIFARE card population. Flexibility and the attractive design of the SM-4200 helped to reach the successful outcome.

The new ÖKK head office is set to be an emblem for the insurance firm, which has given architecture and design high priority in this project. Accordingly, readers and terminals for contactless people identification must also meet high standards, including use of the most recent technology and high user comfort. Kontroll-Systeme AG won the contract to develop a solution for cashless payments in a system with access control and time & attendance functions. The conditions: a MIFARE DESFire card population, 4000 series readers, several involved parties and only three months from the first project meeting to commissioning. The solution: SM-4200 based readers with MIFARE interoperability and Kontroll-Systeme’s know-how to make a standardised data structure for MIFARE DESFire.

Change of plan

Originally, Oliver Storz, Sales & RFID project manager at Kontroll-Systeme AG, assumed that a pure solution based on LEGIC core elements would be used for contactless people identification in the new ÖKK head office. He could not have been more surprised when he learnt that the access system would be based on MIFARE DESFire. “We had to alter our plans in a relatively short time-frame, because other components in the system also had to be based on MIFARE DESFire, such as the charging stations for cashless payments and the readers for tills and coffee machines”, explains Storz. All other suppliers also had to align their products to the access system.

4000 series and MIFARE combined

The choice for the SM-4200 for the access control and time & attendance readers was immediate. With OS-4000 V2.0, LEGIC recently integrated all cryptographic functions of common MIFARE transponders into 4000 series as well as those of MIFARE DESFire. Storz explains this decision in the following way: “It was a great opportunity for us to build a standardised data structure on MIFARE DESFire, because on the one hand we worked intensively on this, and at the same time we were involved in developing an RFID device based on the LEGIC 4000 series. Despite being under time pressure, we rose to the challenge and integrated both elements into one system."

A successful project

In the end, Kontroll-Systeme managed to finish the reader software on time and to determine the necessary details to encode storage media. Storz is proud of this success: “We managed to integrate a final and completely reliable hardware and software solution under time pressure. We also owe the success of this project to the attractive design and the flexibility of the LEGIC SM-4200 reader.”

Benefits for the end-user

  • Flexibility: The LEGIC 4000 reader series allows for an infrastructure with a MIFARE card population
  • Independency: The end user has control over the system thanks to Master-Token System Control
  • Multi-application: access control, time & attendance and cashless payments can be integrated into one system

Hanspeter Bürkli, Head of logistics and real estate at ÖKK Insurances:

“All challenges that arose within the framework of this project were effortlessly solved by Kontroll-Systeme. We are very satisfied with our solution based on LEGIC core elements.”