Smallest reader IC in the world successfully launched at Security

LEGIC launched the first reader series combining RFID, BLE and a Secure Element into one chip last week at Security in Essen. Countless exhibition visitors, potential customers and journalists visited the LEGIC booth and showed great interest in LEGIC’s integrated technology platform.

Two innovations at one trade fair

LEGIC presented its new 6000 series reader ICs to a large audience for the first time at the Security 2016. The feedback was tremendous. A number of interested parties flocked to the LEGIC booth and were impressed by the latest production of the LEGIC technology platform. The booth team worked with dedication, explaining to visitors how the five LEGIC components interact as a whole and form a high-performance technology platform for secure ID and IoT applications. At the daily live presentations, the audience heard how LEGIC was not just a technology supplier, but also a solutions provider and expert for contactless identification with over 20 years of experience.

Five components – one solution

LEGIC’s technology platform is made up of five basic components: LEGIC Connect, mobile SDK, reader ICs, smartcard ICs and a key and authorization management. Thanks to the trusted service LEGIC Connect, authorizations can be granted and withdrawn easily on a smartphone. The app used for this is based on the software development kit of LEGIC. Furthermore, mobile ID rights are then processed by a reader with LEGIC technology. The key and authorization management makes it possible to create a secure ID solution easily, without having to grapple with cryptography. The fact that all five components come from a single source makes life much easier and securer for countless LEGIC customers and partners.