OS50 Version 1.8: Support for Apple ECP 2.0 and symmetrical antenna added to the LEGIC 6000 Series Security Modules

With the OS50 firmware upgrade to Version 1.8, the LEGIC 6000 series Security Modules are now suitable for reader devices that must be compatible with Apple Wallet using ECP for communication with Apple smart devices. In addition, the 6000 series now supports a symmetrical NFC antenna which provides greater RF output power for example for supporting small transponders.

Implementation of ECP by Apple licensees is now enabled
With the OS50 V1.8 firmware release, the LEGIC 6000 series Security Modules support Apple ECP 2.0. Apple introduced ECP 1.0 to support applications such as Apple GymKit,, and was available in LEGIC’s 4000 series. ECP 2.0 has now extended functionality making it suitable for NFC Student ID cards which can be added to the Apple Wallet.

Reader manufacturers who wish to take advantage of this feature must have a MFi Licence agreement with and associated documentation from Apple. LEGIC provides the ECP frame (ECP command code plus CRC_A) and it is up to the reader manufacturers to program the payload for the ECP command (VASUP-A request data).

Support for symmetrical NFC antenna
Until now, the LEGIC 6000 series Security Modules only supported designs based on an asymmetrical antenna. With this OS50 V1.8 firmware release, the 6000 series also supports a symmetrical antenna. This approximately doubles the RF output power based on the same supply voltage. This increases the module’s capability to work with very small transponders such as key fobs which have smaller antennas requiring a stronger RF field generated by the reader in order to power-up.


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