New LEGIC smartcard IC – extraordinary and impressive

LEGIC launches its powerful ATC4096-MP312 smartcard IC with 8k byte memory and an improved reading distance. The new transponder chip is EAL 5+ certified and has a long-time backwards compatibility to readers in the field. LEGIC is proud to offer such an impressive IC in its product portfolio.

LEGIC’s new smartcard IC features an improved reading distance of up to 11 cm on ISO 14443 A. Thanks to its backwards compatibility to the reading infrastructure of more than ten years, it can easily be used with existing readers. The new ATC4096-MP312 is a sensational allrounder, which is perfect for a wide range of applications with high security requirements.

Furthermore, the latest LEGIC product has an extended storage space of 8k byte. 4k byte of storage are for LEGIC advant applications and 3.3k byte are reserved for MIFARE DESFire applications at a later stage. This will make expensive hybrid cards, interferences, and compatibility problems a thing of the past. As the new chip will be compatible with the NXP AppXplorer, it will also offer access to countless different applications.

Thanks to the planned combination of LEGIC advant and NXP DESFire, global employee ID cards will take on a whole new scope. For example, if a company has several sites in different countries, and some buildings use LEGIC technology while others use NXP, the new ATC4096-MP312 will provide the company with a simple solution that will enable all its employees to access every building. Employees will have the possibility to load various private applications such as public transport, bike sharing, member cards, etc. via NXP AppXplorer on their badges and to use these services on site.

Global multi-application, multi-technology transponders, and smart city cards – all of this will be possible with the ATC4096-MP312 in the near future!


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Product Manager
LEGIC Identsystems Ltd
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Head of Marketing & Communications
LEGIC Identsystems Ltd
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