LEGIC’s open technology platform attracts greater interest in Asia

LEGIC is pleased to welcome another three leading Asian companies in its ID Network: Matrix Research from Hong Kong as well as Queclink Wireless Solutions and Shanghai Linstru Intelligent Technology, both from Shanghai.

Matrix Research Limited

Matrix Research is the trusted leader in solutions and product development for secure identity solutions in the access control industry. Providing high secure readers (card plus finger print or card plus palm), they are recognized for robust quality and innovative designs. They focus on creating customer value and becoming the supplier of choice for physical and logical access control and credential products and services.

Queclink Wireless Solutions Co., Limited

Queclink Wireless Solutions is the leading supplier of M2M devices and solutions. Queclink’s mission is to provide the most technological advanced and reliable products and solutions for the Internet of Things. They offer products for automotive tracking, fleet management, tracking & tracing, lone worker safety, mobile health care, remote monitoring and control of any assets, and wireless alarms to cover most popular applications via the Internet.

Shanghai Linstru Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Linstru focuses on security, access, control of product design, sales and production. They provide professional customized services and support for customers and partners. Innovative designs and ideas, a wide range of styles for customers to choose and a flexible use of the latest technology, this is what the company stands for.