LEGIC strengthens its position in Asia

LEGIC Identsystems Ltd proudly announces three new partners located in Asia: Jogtek in Taiwan, Kaba Probuck in China and Passtech in South Korea. LEGIC expands its position in the Asian market knowing that the potential for state-of-the-art ID solutions in Asia is still huge. In central Europe, LEGIC is already well-known for its innovative and secure ID products.

With these three new licensees, LEGIC demonstrates its steadily growing market share in Asia. “We are convinced that with its open technology platform, LEGIC will become a major player in Asia to market smart ID solutions”, states Dr. Otto Eggimann, Vice President Operations and Business Units Asia & Americas of LEGIC.

Jogtek Corporation

Jogtek produces RFID and NFC modules and sub-systems to accommodate the specific needs of particular market segments, especially life science. The company was founded in 2005 and soon became the NFC and RFID leader in Taiwan. Jogtek develops and deploys industrial grade IoT solutions for a variety of applications in all kind of industries. Their systems are modular, flexible and compatible with the customers’ existing technology infrastructure. Mr. Kidd Huang, Technical Manager of Jogtek, tells: “It is a pleasant cooperation with LEGIC. We succeeded to develop the reader module in a short period thanks to the useful Evaluation Kit EK-4000 and professional support from the LEGIC team.”

Kaba Probuck – Kaba (China) Technologies Limited

As a subsidiary of dorma+kaba Group, Kaba Probuck focuses on middle to high end RFID locks for hotel and residence applications. Probuck is the very top biometric door lock brand in China and also globally among the leaders. They are working on LEGIC Connect plus Bluetooth Smart solutions to expand new markets with pioneer technology.


Founded in 2003, the main business activities of PASSTECH include developing, manufacturing and supplying e-Smart Locking Solutions for RFID lockers, furniture and door locks as well as safes for the hotel and office sector. With LEGIC’s chip technology, PASSTECH builds flexible, supplier independent and secure locks. Furthermore, the new LEGIC partner serves a lot of customers in the leisure industry: swimming pools, spa centers, golf resorts etc. Their installations are in more than 50 countries.

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