LEGIC Connect exceeds one million users

LEGIC’s mobile service LEGIC Connect has exceeded the magical number of one million users. This underlines the growing popularity of mobile identification media, as well as the significance of transferring data securely. LEGIC Connect enables a central and extremely flexible issuance of customer-specific authorization data directly to the smart devices of users around the world.

By surpassing this milestone, the Swiss security company LEGIC has demonstrated the importance of mobile services in today’s business models. The distribution of virtual keys without physical media centrally and globally, including mainland China, and the use of such keys in online and offline scenarios are advantages that speak for themselves. This simple process of assigning and revoking access and user rights for a variety of applications, such as corporate access, fleet management, or hospitality just on demand, allows for new and future oriented service models. In LEGIC, you have a reliable, safe, and experienced partner to implement your service model at your end.

LEGIC Connect is a highly secure, easy-to-integrate 24/7 mobile service, which consists of the LEGIC Trusted Service and the LEGIC Mobile Software Development Kit (SDK). Any kind of mobile authorization data are encrypted and sent to smart devices at the touch of a button. With genuine end-to-end security between the back-end system and the reader, as common in the finance sector, LEGIC Connect has a security mechanism that is: The virtual card is encrypted in the LEGIC Trusted Service. No critical keys are stored in the customer’s app, where the SDK ensures secure communication with the LEGIC Trusted Service and LEGIC reader ICs. The latter decrypts virtual credentials, and the user obtains the access rights for the desired application – quite as if they had a traditional LEGIC RFID card. Proven and state-of-the-art cryptographic security mechanisms are used in redundant hardware security modules to ensure reliable security.

You can rely on our extensive partner network for the implementation of individual products based on our highly available, global LEGIC Connect services.

Are you convinced yet? Then, contact us today, and let us explain how you can safely and quickly move your card-based applications to Android and iOS smartphones.


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