Gantner Electronic GmbH - New GAT ECO.Side Lock 7000 BA and GAT ECO.Side Lock 7000 NW BA

The GAT ECO.Side Lock 7000 BA and GAT ECO.Side Lock 7000 NW BA locker locks are the ideal solution for the convenient electronic locking of lockers in leisure facilities, universities, companies and depots.

System users are identified at the locker locks via contactless RFID data carriers (Radio Frequency Identification) and NFC technology. Different types of data carrier media such as cards, wristbands and key tags are available.

The GAT ECO.Side Lock 7000 BA/NW BA are suitable for every type of locker material (wood, HPL, solid plastic, glass and also steel sheet) and can be used with both left and right-hinged doors.
Due to its mechanical compatibility with the GAT NET.Lock 7000 series, existing locker rooms can be effortlessly fitted out using the GAT ECO.Side Lock 7000 BA/NW BA.

  • All current RFID technologies including NFC are available in one product (LEGIC prime / advant, MIFARE, ISO)
  • Convenient opening without pushing the locker door as previously
  • Optional wireless network for configuration, reading of bookings and locking statuses, firmware updates and loading of personal data (personal lockers)
  • Maintenance-free "Low-Power Technology" provides a battery lifespan of approx. 10 years without replacement (depending on use)
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