Access control management made easy with KESO Integra

The access solution for a wide range of requirements is called Integra.

It does not matter if you still want to use a mechanical locking system and want to extend the range to a modern level. Or if the needs of your organisation change and you want to stay flexible. And Integra is also the perfect access control system for new builds, which are to be equipped exclusively with high-tech master key systems. 

In contrast to purely electronic access control systems, the Integra digital system also integrates mechanical locking systems and maps them in the same software. Modular in design, the access solution can be expanded indefinitely - from a stand-alone, to an offline and online solution. There is a basis for all access solutions: the k-entry® software.

KESO Integra cylinder: flexible and secure
The Integra cylinder combines digital access control with the field of mechanics. Equipped with the latest RFID technology and AES 128-bit encryption, it offers high security and high flexibility. It can be operated intuitively, as well as by means of the familiar mechanical cylinder. The corresponding keys are used for mechanical and mechatronic cylinders. The Integra cylinder is the preferred choice in all general areas in which permissions on doors are constantly adapted and high security is required.  It is also ideally suited for outdoor areas, e.g. wherever higher security and time restrictions for access authorisations are required.

A software and a key that can do everything
Like the management software, the Integra key belonging to the cylinder is equipped with functions that enable coordination between all door components in the KESO access system of the building. This a true, whether it is a purely mechanical cylinder or an Integra reader. Every KESO Integra key fits - it just has to be assigned the relevant access authorisation.

Two separate technologies are often used on the key for mechatronic access solutions(one for the access reader and one for cylinder actuation). This means that management involves a lot of work. The patent-protected KESO Integra key is only based on one technology – Dual Interface –, which combines both functions.

The new KESO Integra cylinder is also suitable for metallic environments. This offers the major advantage that the KESO mechatronic cylinder works behind an armoured cover and can therefore also be used in doors with high resistance classes. The cylinder is designed for both the LEGIC advant and the MIFARE DESFire technology, so the user is free to choose.