6000 Series: RFID, BLE and secure element in one chip

LEGIC Identsystems Ltd is launching the 6000 series reader chips. Thanks to the secure element, the new reader chip generation can be integrated into IoT applications requiring great significance to security. Another advantage of the 6000 series is the SiP structure of the reader’s hardware component: The pioneering manufacturing method of “System-in-Package” modules on a circuit board structure makes

it possible to react to technical changes flexibly and without major expense or costs to the user.

Increased security due to secure element

For the first time in LEGIC’s history, the key material of the reader chips is stored in secured, toughened hardware, namely in the secure element. The CC EAL5+ certified secure element is the prerequisite for a wide range of secure uses in the Internet of Things. This makes it possible to encode com- munication channels, which require end-to-end security. It goes without saying that the 6000 series can also be used to realize previous applications in the LEGIC eco system. The necessary security is now provided for applications which have not yet been realised due to an insufficient security anchor.

Integration of Bluetooth Smart

Bluetooth Smart enables an endless number of applications with your smartphone. Personalization can be carried out using LEGIC Connect. Manual and expensive processes in badge offices can be dispensed. As well as the Bluetooth Smart function, the 6000 series also has a larger memory and improved processor capacity. This means the application code of the user can be executed on the reader chip and the customer’s own microprocessors are no longer necessary. This results in further cost savings.

Advantages over the 4000 series

With the 4000 series, LEGIC has a high-quality, very popular product, which is used in a multitude of contactless applications. However, the new 6000 series reader chips provide a number of interesting innovations for customers: If a component of the reader chip experiences a serious change, the LEGIC partner’s product no longer has to be redesigned as has been the case to date or, worst case scenario, replaced. The previous circuit board design can be maintained in connection with a 6000 series chip and the new functions can still be used.

Advantages thanks to SiP

Three-dimensional processing of chip components in a minute space mean that it can support two contactless technologies (Bluetooth Smart and RFID on 13.56 MHz) and react very quickly to technical changes. Thanks to the “System-in-Package” structure of the chip, 22 passive components, such as condensers, resistors, two frequency generators and a transistor, can also be integrated along with the main function semiconductors. This reduces the assembly expense and costs for LEGIC customers massively.

Together with the Trusted Service LEGIC Connect, our software development kit, the LEGIC transponder chips and the 6000 series reader chips, we are convinced that we have created the basic com­ ponents for innovative and secure identification solutions.