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Our technology enables companies to manage, support and protect their valuable buildings and infrastructure.

For over 25 years, companies around the world have relied on LEGIC technology to give them secure, contactless control of their access control systems, independent of vendors and suppliers. This includes major banks, airports, atomic power stations and globally operating corporations.

Access management

Time & attendance management

Canteen and vending ePayment


Secure printing

Virtual PC login

Work space management


Access management

LEGIC’s Security Platform enables contactless access control and scalable security to be individually applied to each corporate department. You can deploy basic employee badge and/or smartphone app entry or add multifactor and biometric authentication for sensitive areas. You can select the identification media (e.g. card, key fob, etc.) and access equipment vendors of your choice, or deploy your access credentials to an iOS or Android based smartphone app.


  • Secure, provisioned access control for employees, guests, service staff and partners
  • Access is controlled at both online and offline locks/access readers
  • End-to-end AES-128/256 encryption and secure key management
  • Secure access control to sensitive areas such as server and storage rooms
  • Badge and/or smartphone app entry can be combined with PIN code or biometric verification
  • Contactless communication from 2 - 20 cm based on RFID/NFC, or up to 10 m based on Bluetooth® Low Energy
  • Encrypted, bi-directional messaging between access points and central management system is ideal for pre-emptive maintenance or access event notifications
  • Create new cards based on your own Master-Token card which is in the hands of your Security Officers. No outside parties or vendors can compromise your system.
  • Supports all popular standards including LEGIC advant and neon, MIFARE, HID iCLASS® as well as iOS and Android smartphones


Take control of your own security. Based on LEGIC’s Master-Token System-Control (MTSC) for smartcard management, and LEGIC Connect trusted service for smartphone deployment, each infrastructure owner has full authority over their employee’s credentials and infrastructure.

  • Eliminate dependence on access control vendors through LEGIC’s open security architecture - easily move from one vendor to another, as well as support multiple vendors at the same time
  • Access organization and employee badge management is audit-proof against internal and external compliance requirements. All activities can be described as processes and documented according to regulations, or electronically represented as workflows
  • Access control application “segments” can reside on the same card along with other employee badge applications, such as canteen payment, without sharing master encryption key
  • For smartphone deployment, secure provisioning and management of credentials can be done in real-time as well as integration of access control with 3rd party apps
  • Complete record of all access activity is available for security and auditing requirements
  • Easily deployed: provision and manage access rights on employee cards or smartphone apps over-the-air

Enabling secure and convenient mobile access solutions

Time & attendance management

The LEGIC Security Platform allows time & attendance application providers to easily add their card applications to LEGIC-based media such as RFID card, key fob or smartphone app. This enables precise monitoring and logging of employee time and attendance.


  • User credentials can be instantly updated or revoked via internet or over-the-air
  • Online and offline functionality
  • Combination with access and e-payment applications
  • Integration with ERP and payroll applications

All the benefits of Access Management, plus:

  • Precise accounting of employee time and attendance throughout all company locations
  • Fulfillment of HR, payroll, security and auditing requirements
  • Scalable security allows PIN code, multifactor and biometric authentication
  • Employee data and credentials are protected according to state-of-the-art AES 128/256 encryption technology
  • Time and attendance can be combined with secure printing, virtual login and e-payment applications on the same ID media

Canteen and vending ePayment

The LEGIC Security Platform includes LEGIC Cash which is a secure and convenient ePayment feature offering a contactless alternative to physical cash payment. It allows applications to implement ePayment models based on employee smartcard and/or smartphone app.


  • With LEGIC Cash, employee ID card and/or smartphones can be used for secure, contactless ePayment in canteens, company stores and vending machines
  • Closed-loop e-payment gives full control of employee payment options without the need for 3rd-parties such as banks or credit card companies
  • Enables staff to use their ID media for canteen/vending as well as building access and other IT services
  • Allows employers/canteen operators to push special offers and product updates direct to employee smartphones
  • Simple, contactless reloading of funds, also over-the-air, anytime, anywhere when using smartphone-based solutions
  • Supports product selection at vending machine via smartphone app


Let employees take advantage of company on-site products and services without requiring physical currency.

  • Eliminates the need to manage and restock currency and coins in coffee and vending machines
  • Significantly shortens waiting times at canteen, coffee and vending machines resulting in increased employee satisfaction and higher product turnover
  • Allows employers to dynamically manage and update prices, product promotions and options over-the-air
  • Lowers risk of theft: no physical currency is stored in machines

Secure printing

Give employees the ability to easily and securely print documents; simply start a print job and present ID media such as badge, key fob or smartphone at the desired printer.


  • Follow-Me Printing: no printer pre-selection required – documents are printed at the printer of physical presence
  • Optimizes printing resources – instead of contacting IT support, users can re-route documents to other printers if one is busy or not functioning
  • Supports pay-for-services, page quotas and accurate billing based on individual users, groups, or billing/project codes
  • On-premise or cloud-hosted platform installation, or a combination
  • Supports BYOD initiatives, secure mobile printing and secure guest printing


Save time and increase productivity - print jobs can be queued and printed in a single batch at the nearest printer once the user is present.

  • Greater convenience – desired destination printer does not need to be chosen in advance
  • Security is ensured – instead of lying in a printer tray until picked-up, documents only print when the user is physically present at the printer
  • Reduced waste – erroneous and forgotten print jobs never print

Virtual PC login

To securely support multiple users of shared IT infrastructure used in shared offices, the LEGIC Security Platform enables employees to be verified at virtual PCs using their employee badge or smartphone.


  • Provides secure user-specific login based on contactless ID media or smartphone with optional multi-factor or biometric authentication
  • Supports proximity or contactless smartcard authentication (RFID/ NFC 13.56 MHz), as well as smartphone Bluetooth Low Energy communications (2.4 GHz)


  • Increases security – all applications and data are centrally stored, secured and accessible to authenticated employees
  • Eases use: users can securely access their familiar desktop, storage and applications regardless of physical location
  • Enables precise overview of desktop usage by user, time and location

Work space management

With the increasing cost of office real estate, the global rise of start-ups, home-office and part-time employees, sharing office space and IT infrastructure is on the rise. This requires a comprehensive and autonomous security platform that manages and protects access to resources on a per-employee basis. The LEGIC Security Platform is purpose-built to enable your applications to perform the necessary management services required in shared office and shared infrastructure environments.


  • Enables precise and autonomous physical access control to offices and shared meeting rooms based on contactless employee badge, key fob or smartphone app
  • Supports secure provisioning of resources among employees from different companies such as IT infrastructure, offices, meeting rooms, lockers and locked cabinets, office supplies, parking, packet delivery stations, food and vending services
  • Enables ePayment options for shared office supplies, parking, food services, printing and vending machines


  • Saves costs by providing comprehensive and secure access control across shared resources in reduced office spaces
  • Provides security for companies and employees sharing IT infrastructure including PCs, servers, virtual terminals, personal storage space and printers
  • Enables employees of different companies to securely share the same infrastructure, goods and services
  • Achieves comprehensive overview of shared resource usage according to who, what, where and when

LEGIC Security Platform

Enabling secure interactions between people and things

With LEGIC’s Security Platform, your Enterprise applications can remotely authenticate, manage, and monitor the interactions between enterprise employees, infrastructure and machines based on individual user credentials.

Configure & manage:

  • Who may access or use what, when and where
  • Functionality available per user
  • Who accessed/used what for how long, when and where
  • Who receives what information, when and where
  • Secure messaging between enterprise app and edge devices such as doors, vending machines, printers and virtual PCs

Ideal for Enterprise applications requiring:

  • Security based on Root-of-Trust
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Protection of valuable assets and data
  • Office resource sharing
  • Management of multi-users using multi-apps
  • Follow-me services
  • Usage monitoring
  • Battery-powered, online/offline functionality

Enterprise smartcard solution

  • Short-range contactless communication with infrastructure (range: 2 - 20 cm)
  • Ideal for secure, close-proximity apps such as building access control and ePayment
  • Complete and exclusive “own your own security” control over smartcard population with LEGIC Master-Token System-Control (MTSC)
  • Rugged, long-lifetime
  • 24/7 unmanned operation
  • Smartcards need no battery or software updates
  • Smartcard doubles as visual identification (employee badge)
  • Low-cost

Enterprise smartphone solution

  • Long-range contactless communication with infrastructure up to 10 m
  • Integrable with 3rd party smartphone apps
  • Comprehensive integrated management of cryptographic keys
  • Secure, bi-directional messaging with infrastructure for e.g. pre-emptive maintenance
  • Display supports interactive information
  • Instant, remotely updatable/revocable permissioning – both online and offline
  • Permissions unlimited in size or format - you decide the content and format of your application data
  • Built-in multifactor / biometric GDPR-compliant authentication capability
  • Real-time over-the-air credential updates
  • Available for iOS and Android
  • 24/7 unmanned operation

Enabling secure Enterprise solutions

To help you create robust Enterprise applications based on secure user authentication and credential management, LEGIC supplies a range of innovative hardware and software components that work seamlessly with each other.

Security Modules

LEGIC’s SM-6000 series Security Modules are the perfect choice for innovative and secure Enterprise solutions thanks to their built-in secure element technology, encrypted interfaces, contactless communications, compact size and low power consumption

The SM-6000 series wirelessly communicates with all popular smartcard standards as well as iOS/ Android smartphones. They work seamlessly with LEGIC’s end-to-end Security Platform to enable applications to take advantage of secure and autonomous device registration, user authentication, credential management and usage monitoring.

  • Perfect for secure Enterprise applications
  • Can be designed into small electronic edge devices, while our software components can be seamlessly integrated into smartphone, desktop and web apps.
  • Optional 128KB of programmable memory in trusted execution environment, field upgradeable (FOTA)
  • I2C and SPI compatible
  • On and offline operation

Smartcard ICs

The LEGIC smartcard IC portfolio enables multi-application capability on a variety of media. It implements modern encryption methods while providing scalable security.

LEGIC’s smartcard technology enables secure user authentication and credential management, supports migration scenarios and integrates seamlessly with mobile applications.

  • Up to 127 applications can be combined on a single smartcard
  • Integrable in smartcards, key fobs, watches, labels, etc.
  • Supports closed loop ePayment applications (LEGIC Cash)
  • Transponder applets can be stored as virtualized chips on credit cards or PKI smartcards
  • Part of a complete “own your own security” and authorization solution based on LEGIC MTSC

Key management

LEGIC offers powerful solutions to secure your Enterprise projects. The LEGIC MTSC (Master-Token System-Control) is a globally available, unique security and authorization solution for contactless applications based on a physical Token, the Master-Token.

Instead of securing administrative rights in an Enterprise application with volatile and visible passwords, the security with MTSC is linked to a unique physical smartcard. In this way, each infrastructure owner has full authority over an installation and preserves his or her independence.

For smartphone key management, LEGIC Orbit allows the secure management and distribution of enterprise mobile application keys and configuration data directly to smartphones worldwide.

As part of LEGIC Connect, LEGIC Orbit supports the secure configuration of reader devices directly via smartphone and thus enables easy onboarding of new Enterprise devices or infrastructure. Key management and device configuration can be easily realized with a mobile app together with LEGIC’s Mobile SDK, effectively replacing proprietary configuration devices.

  • Full control and command of the security system independent of manufacturers and suppliers
  • Security stays within the company
  • Secure generation and distribution of customer-specific application keys which are never visible

LEGIC Connect

The software service LEGIC Connect enables centralized and highly flexible authentication management for mobile services. It allows any kind of credential data to be distributed to smartphones of users located anywhere in the world. With LEGIC Connect, it is easy to implement a wide range of secure Enterprise solutions.

LEGIC Connect consists of two components - the central LEGIC Trusted Service to distribute credential data, and the Mobile SDK to manage this data on smart devices and communicate with LEGIC Security Modules. To guarantee security, up-to-date security mechanisms and Hardware Security Modules (HSM) are used.

  • 99.9% service availability
  • Dedicated, secure, geo-redundant server infrastructure based in Switzerland/EU with separate integration environment
  • Over 5 M user registrations with tier-1 enterprises and double-digit monthly growth

Support services

LEGIC actively supports its partners and customers with extensive know-how during the development of Enterprise solutions.

LEGIC partners also benefit from comprehensive know-how of our Field Application Engineers (FAE) and are part of the exclusive LEGIC partner network (ID Network).

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Security platform

The five LEGIC components Connect, Mobile SDK, security module, smartcard IC as well as key and authorization management are seamlessly working together to provide you with a powerful security platform for secure ID and IoT applications.


Security platform

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