Company ID:
Key and wallet all in one.

For more than 25 years, companies have relied on us for their ID cards, including banks, airports, SMEs and large, international business groups.

A high level of flexibility regarding the choice of applications and ID media as well as easy administration makes our security platform convenient for every user.


Case: Company ID cards for Airbus (EADS)


Different applications and ID media can be easily combined with the LEGIC security platform and your system can also be extended to include a new application at any time. The LEGIC security platform complies with all common RF standards and with third-party technologies like MIFARE.

Advantages of Company cards

  • Full control of your own card population
  • High flexibility in the realization of multi-application projects
  • High degree of independence from manufacturers
  • Simple migration of existing systems by compatibility with technologies of other providers

Enabling secure and convenient mobile access solutions

Any application

With the LEGIC security platform, combine and manage applications in line with your needs. Up to 127 applications can be stored securely on a smartcard, smartphone or credit card. The system can also be subsequently extended and individual requirements implemented.

Here is a selection of the most commonly used applications based on LEGIC products and services:

Access Control

Adjust the security standard to the relevant business sector and select your identification media and suppliers.


The secure and convenient alternative to cash payment. Choose your payment model.


Fraud-proof, cheap and easy to control. Save costs with the travel card of the future.

Follow-me Printing

Save costs with centralized control of your printing environment and boost convenience and document security.

Time & Attendance

The ideal addition to other applications. Data is protected according to the latest standards.