Campus management – efficient, secure and flexible

The solution to address greater complexity, increased security requirements and regular modifications. The LEGIC technology platform enables to reduce administrative efforts and costs substantially. In addition, it allows for central administration of different applications for students and employees, and makes it possible to grow.

Process optimisation
The technology platform of LEGIC serves as the foundation for reducing administrative efforts and costs. Combined with online platforms, laborious forms can be skipped and campus cards can be made to order before the academic year begins and sent to each student. Applications with essential authentication data operate in self-service mode, for example attendance control or control of exams.

All functions on one card
The different applications related to the everyday working of a campus can be easily integrated on one credential. People can be issued access to the university's facilities for a defined time period. With the same credential, students can borrow a book, pay in the canteen and for photocopies, hire a bike on campus or use it as a locker key in sports and leisure facilities. The technology also offers flexible expansion to additional applications, including outside of the university. For example, the smart card can be used as a local public transport ticket.

Independence and control
In a fast-moving environment, it is important to be able to make adjustments to systems easily. The LEGIC technology platform gives every university independent control and authority of its system. Authorisations for the campus card can be centrally managed, changes can be made independently and adapted to individual requirements. You are also ready for the use of NFC smartphones.
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