The key to the city

The City Card is the key to a city or region. Used as an electronic travel card, payment, customer or gift card, the possibilities and combinations are practically endless with LEGIC technology platform.

A step towards the most modern technology
Contactless people identification is the next step after barcodes, magnetic strips or contact-based chips, such as those found in credit cards. Smart cards are already setting the foundations for tomorrow’s identification media, when keys and travel and payment cards will be replaced with smartphones.
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Reduce costs and environmental impact
A contactless city card does not suffer any wear and tear through its daily use and does not need to be replaced as the information on the card, such as access rights and travel cards, can simply be updated or renewed.

Be visible
Market liberalisation has led to fierce competition, for example in the field of energy production. For consumers, providers for example in the field of energy production are often invisible for customers. With a City Card, a company becomes visible and stands out from the competition. With discounts, competitions and vouchers for select regional partners, customers benefit from additional uses.
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Always upgradeable
The LEGIC technology platform is an open system: With the LEGIC multi-app function, new applications from different partners can be added at any time; with every new partner the fixed costs per partner are reduced. As the initiator, you always have control of the card and your applications. A contactless City Card is thus the ideal foundation for public-private partnerships.

Initiate the City Card
The City Card project can be started at any time in a community, city or region and be developed step by step. It doesn’t matter whether you are a leisure facility, transport service, energy supplier or a group of companies – you can initiate a City Card.