Intelligent mobility solutions

Mobility forms the basis for economic wellbeing in global competition. Here, information technology, telecommunications and mobility providers play an important role. The connection of these leads to innovative solutions and the exploitation of the common potential.

Process improvement with RFID and Bluetooth Smart
RFID and Bluetooth Smart (BLE) are key technologies for the improvement of various processes. The immediate issue of access authorizations or spontaneous access to a transport medium increase flexibility and convenience for users and providers.

Factors for success:

  • The functional added value that RFID and BLE have to offer
  • The low costs associated with taking advantage of this added value
  • The avoidance of risks that go hand-in-hand with the use of the technology
  • Emotional and social identification with the technology as such

Illustrated with an example
A new, modern urban quarter, inhabited or visited by various parties, is benefited by the joint infrastructure. Access authorizations for the entrance door, the car park, the lift and the vehicles are provided on demand on the user's smartphone or smartwatch. The parties use a common Internet platform for this mobility service. This platform consists of a combination of cloud services of the individual mobility service providers. Keys are replaced by "virtual" authorizations on the digital devices. These authorizations transferred to the vehicles, the door or the car park barrier via NFC or BLE allow users a convenient, event-orientated and secure access management.

New LEGIC service expands mobility processes
LEGIC Connect expands the offering with an end-to-end service for smartphones. With the option of providing an authorization securely "over the air" it closes the previous gap in mobile identity and authorization management.

LEGIC has already proved itself in the mobility environment. At a large number of companies, the LEGIC technology is an innovative element of the range of services offered.