Mobile room keys are unstoppable

LEGIC provides end-to-end mobile solutions to technology partners and their hotel chains. Read below…

  1. Why mobile solutions now?
  2. Which of your technology elements are concerned for a “direct-to-room” guest experience?
  3. What does LEGIC provide?
  4. Who can benefit?
  5. Calculate your potential cost savings and get LEGIC’s recommendation when introducing smartphones as room keys.

1. Why mobile solutions now?
All major hotel chains are testing the technology or rolling it out already. Passing the queue at the reception desk, getting special offers from the hotel, direct contact to the hotel etc. are only some of the advantages guests have with mobile room keys. However, the hotel itself does also have many benefits: saving expensive travel agent fees, getting direct access to the customers and providing guests with a room key they always carry and love.

The current ongoing chain activities point towards a trend that mobile access will become rather sooner than later a standard alternative method to enter hotel rooms. Smartphones and room keys will coexist for a long time, but mobile solutions have already been spread through different hotel brands.

It is likely that guests soon expect direct-to-room access as a standard “must have” feature when booking a hotel. Especially business travelers profit from a direct-to-room experience. First market feedbacks show that those who opened a hotel room with their smartphone would like to have it on their next stay, too. This will drive even smaller hotel chains, boutique hotels or family owned hotels to adopt the mobile technology.

2. Which of your technology elements are concerned for a “direct-to-room” guest experience?
To deploy room keys (smartphones, smart watches etc.), hotels need to consider and align different systems and technologies:

  • Property management system must be able to process room reservations for remote check in procedures
  • Hotel back-end system must be able to process and submit mobile key requests
  • New system is needed to execute over the air deployments of room keys
  • Mobile app or existing loyalty app of the hotel needs to be able to receive a mobile room key and unlock a room
  • Hotel lock needs to be able to process a BLE command next to a regular key card

3. What does LEGIC provide?
LEGIC provides a simple solution which makes mobile room keys a true success:

  • Trusted over-the-air service for the deployment of electronic room keys to iOS and Android smartphones (LEGIC Connect)
  • Powerful reader chips for hotel locks, which read mobile phones via Bluetooth Low Energy and all types of contactless RFID chip cards
  • Latest generation contactless card chips to improve security and save costs at the same time vs. existing technologies

Customers have the choice to use only one element of the solution or take advantage of all three options.

4. Who can benefit?
LEGIC technology is distributed through the ID Network. Some of these partners provide room locks, room keys and key encoding equipment to your chains today. LEGIC technology usually is invisible to the hotel chain or the individual property. The technology, such as Mobile Trusted Services, Mobile Software Development Kits or our reader and transponder chips, are embedded into our partner's solutions.

The LEGIC technology is often used in different market verticals. The hospitality market can be a market, in which our technology is used, but not necessarily is a market LEGIC technology found its way into. In the past, LEGIC technology was clearly an exception in the hospitality market. With the demand for mobile solutions and more secure and cost-saving room keys, LEGIC technology has entered this market. Today, some of the main technology leaders in the hotel market have adopted LEGIC technology. And the demand is increasing.

To continue this trend, LEGIC stimulates the dialog with all hotel technology providers, such as hotel lock providers or property management system providers. In discussions with the hotel chain, LEGIC makes them aware that their properties can benefit from LEGIC solutions. LEGIC is happy to give its advice, or consult them to achieve platform independence, additional choice and cost savings. As LEGIC works with multiple technology vendors, and therefore enjoys an independent reputation in the general access markets.

5. Calculate your potential cost savings and get LEGIC’s recommendation when introducing smartphones as room keys.
Guest convenience, branding and potential cost savings are usually key drivers for the chain’s decision towards their own mobile access solutions in the hotel industry. With the introduction of hotel apps, chains continue their search for content and services, to increase the usage of their apps.

Calculating the exact cost savings for a solution that is entirely new to the hotel industry and its guests is nearly impossible. Most experts believe that there will be a cost benefit. However, methods to quantify such estimated guesses where not available for public use until today.

To calculate the potential individual cost savings, LEGIC has made available a free calculator. Interested parties can calculate their benefits (over three years) free of charge and anonymized.

Next to pure cost savings, we encourage hotels and technology providers for hotel locks and property management systems to consider additional factors for a migration towards mobile keys:

  1. Make sure a mobile solution scales up to 10 thousands of properties for different chains.
  2. End-to-end security, a high availability design of the solution and professional hosting in a secure data center are typical key success factors.
  3. Easy upgrade of existing locks, e.g. magstripe locks could be upgraded to BLE and RFID locks in one.
  4. Locks should not be restrained to only one technology. Hotels can switch from a mifare card to another and save costs as well as improve security.

Contact us - LEGIC can help to make your mobile approach a true success.