End-to-end management for mobile cards

With LEGIC Connect, a new generation of service is available: contactless smart cards can be brought on smartphones – at the touch of a button.

LEGIC Connect overview cloud

Mobile ID
Mobile ID is an important trend as it can be instantly issued on mobile phones. It is beneficial for operators as they can save costs and increase comfort by tightening their ID distribution processes. Having always all cards at hand is convenient for end users as well.

LEGIC’s Connect service
Connect is a secure end-to-end service for the creation and instant deployment of ID cards on mobile phones. It enables everybody to immediately use their smart card applications, e.g. access control, parking, ticketing etc., on their smartphones. Thanks to Connect, a phone becomes a door opener, mobility ticket or time & attendance tracker.

Easy to integrate and to use
Supporting LEGIC advant, Connect is easy to integrate into existing installations. Full control and protection of the Master-Token System-Control is ensured.
Standard API technologies and a drag’n’drop interface make Connect easy to connect to any back-end system (e.g. hotel property management system) and intuitive to use.

Scalable, independent and secure
Connect is highly scalable supporting small and large installations. There is even a way to start without touching any back-end system.
Its independency featuring advant, mifare, NFC and BLE as well as its openness in respect of Mobile Network Operators, SIM suppliers, TSM vendors and wallet providers make Connect an effective solution to bring smart cards on mobile phones.
Security is another strength of the solution. Connect runs in a protected data center in Switzerland and uses modern HSM-based security architecture.

Cost and time saving
Connect saves cost and time, because the manual exchange of card data, security keys and much more is managed by the system. End customers, integrators and application providers can efficiently work together on a mutual platform to deploy their Mobile ID projects.

Connect is the most cost effective way to bring smart cards on mobile phones.