Security and control in your hands

The patented LEGIC Master-Token System-Control is a unique security concept. Instead of protecting administrative rights in an ID system with unstable passwords, security is linked to a special, physical smart card. The owner of a Master-Token has control of an installation and is independent.

master-moken system-control

Clear traceability
The principle of the Master-Token System-Control corresponds to an evolutionary family tree. Each Master-Token has its own genetic code which is transfered to the identification media during initialisation and to the reader during configuration of the latter.

Master-Token Zones
Master-Token-Zones establish boundaries between different transponder technologies, different transponder generations and the source of a Master-Token. The concept of Master-Token-Zones ensures that a Master-Token always meets the security standard of the relevant transponder technology.

Security in your hands
The Master-Token can be kept more securely, transferred to trustworthy people and be removed again at any time. Only the Master-Token enables authorisation of readers, creation of identification media or smartcards with individually defined administration rights, known as Sub-Master-Tokens.

Define your own key
LEGIC uses the latest advanced technology with constant data encryption, for example AES or 3DES and key diversification. You can therefore define your own key.

The Master-Token System-Control as a security concept has made it possible to design the LEGIC technology platform openly and flexibly. It is therefore possible, to combine applications from different providers in one system and to add new applications at any time.

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