Manage credentials intuitively with the CSW-4000

configurator software CSW-4000
configurator software CSW-4000

With CSW-4000 configuration software, simplicity takes on a new meaning: with just one click, applications can be written onto an identification medium.

1-click administration
With CSW-4000, applications and segments are written on a smartcard or another storage medium with an intuitive “Drag & Drop” system. You choose from a clear selection of all available segments and applications and simply drag these segments with the mouse onto the symbol of your identification medium, let it go, and the initialisation is finished.

State of the art in design
Compared to the previous version, the software’s design has also been considerably improved and simplified. CSW-4000 has a tidy and simple user interface so that you can become familiar with it at once.

Supports all LEGIC transponders
The software supports all LEGIC transponders, including CTC4096 and the certified AFS4096 for credit cards. CSW-4000 works with reader modules based on SM-4200 or SM-4500, where SM-4500 has the initialisation function described above.


  • Simply administration of applications and identification media
  • All LEGIC transponders are supported
  • Available with the new CHW-4000 reader
  • Easy start-up with Windows 7
  • Backwards-compatible with CSW-2000