entryMTSC as its best!
Do you always know where your password or key is? Do you intend to be independent from the supply chain? With a physical Master-Token System-Control, you always know exactly where your secrets are stored. Furthermore, you are fully supplier independent as you have everything needed in your own hands.

LEGIC’s MTSC is the recognized and proven solution for secure and easy management of contactless smart card applications. The Master-Token itself is the central element in this security concept and grants full control over the system management.

Until now, the LEGIC-patented security concept has only been available to all ID Network Partners.
An extension of this concept is the new entryMTSC, a project-based Master-Token that all customers can purchase, irrespective of partner status!

How to get it
The entryMTSC is available through any LEGIC license partner or direct on the LEGIC "Secure Extranet". It is sent in a box containing three cards (1 GAM, 1 IAM and 1 SAM) protected against any electromagnetic field fraud.

Key Facts

  • ATC1024-MV110 as TXP platform
  • Fixed 12 bytes stamp and differentiated at level 7
  • Differentiate with a simple and cheap physical security concept
  • Compatible with LEGIC 2000 and 4000 reader series

Businesses with hundreds of cards with a specific need for security and sovereignty for their contactless applications can benefit from Master-Token System-Control.
With the LEGIC entryMTSC you have the master key for the deployment of one application in your hand.
The entryMTSC is future-proof and scalable: multi-application is possible by simply adding an additional IAM/SAM.
Experience the potential of LEGIC MTSC in a simple and cost efficient way by trying the entryMTSC without becoming a LEGIC license partner.
If you later intend to expand to more than one application, you can buy another entryMTSC or become a LEGIC licensee.

Benefits for everyone

System integrators:

  • Expand their offering
  • Get more business with LEGIC with less administration efforts

End customers and application providers:

  • System integrator independency
  • Simple and secure way of operation of contactless installations
  • Key management at reasonable cost
entryMTSC Specifications 
LEGIC 2000 reader series compatibilityYes
LEGIC 4000 reader series compatibilityYes
LEGIC standard access segments compatibilityYes
LEGIC standard cash segment compatibilityNo
Can be ordered through LEGIC "Secure Extranet"Yes