Transponder chips with high security at low cost


LEGIC's new ATCs offer a high security level at low cost. They are the perfect transponder chips for high volume projects like hotel key cards, anti-fake labelling, city cards, e-tickets etc.
The combination of a wide reading distance, high transaction speed and multilayer security make these chips the perfect choice for secure and competitive large volume applications.
It is the perfect choice for all who want to migrate from older, less secure contactless chips to state of the art security without paying more.

Hotel key cards
LEGIC’s ATC256-MV410 is the ideal solution for contactless key cards providing all necessary features for the hospitality industry. This modern transponder chip offers a higher security level as well as a larger reading distance than comparable products and is therefore the preferred hotel door opener to an unbeatable price.

Anti-fake labelling
Many today anti-fake labelling chips are using no or older security mechanisms. More and more supplier recognize, that this is not sufficient any more. The ATC256-MV410 has a special low-power encryption algorithm which does not jeopardize the long reading distances required for anti-fake labels.
For anti-counterfeit labelling with higher need for data storage, LEGIC offers the secure ATC1024-MV010 with its 1kbyte memory and 3DES encryption.

City cards
City cards are used as electronic travel cards, payment, customer or gift cards. As the possibilities and combinations are endless, the integrated transponder chip requires enough memory space to store all necessary applications, wide reading distances for good user experience and trusted security. LEGIC’s cost efficient ATC1024-MV010 with 1kbyte of memory and 3DES algorithm is the perfect solution for multi-application city cards.

In the field of ticketing, a fast  transaction time is of utmost importance. The ATC1024-MV010 with its short processing time is therefore the best choice for fraud-proof, cheap and easy to control travel card requirements.

Comparison ATC256-MV410 vs. ATC1024-MV010

RF StandardISO 15693ISO 15693
Security algorithmGrain128a*3DES**
Key length128 bit112 bit
Nominal memory size256 bytes1024 bytes
Usable memory size200 bytes912 bytes
Best technical featureLong reading distanceFast transaction time
Suitable end user applicationsSingle application: visitor badges, hotel, key cards, anti-fake labellingMulti-application: ticketing, city cards, high data anti-fake labelling

* Published, standardised encryption technology of the Lund University in Sweden, special design for low power
** Most widespread classic standard encryption technology