CTC: Flexible migration and scalable security

The multi-RF transponder chip CTC4096-MP410 is your convenient solution for flexible migration to LEGIC advant or the implementation of individual security standards for different areas. The CTC4096-MP410 (Cross Standard Transponder Chip) is in line with the progressive security level of advant (14443A) and is at the same time compatible with the LEGIC RF standard.

The CTC4096-MP410 has two memory areas: one for advant segments and one for prime segments

The route from prime to advant
The CTC platform creates individual and flexible migration scenarios for today’s users of prime applications. Instead of having to replace the entire installation in one step, with the CTC platform the transponder can be switched over to advant and the readers of individual areas to 4000 series step by step. Once the full migration to advant has been completed, if desired the LEGIC RF standard interface can be indefinitely disconnected.

Migration prime - advant
Easy migration from prime to advant with the CTC

Scalable security
The CTC enables users to move between different installations with one transponder chip. This means that depending on security requirements, individual areas can be selectively designed and implemented based on prime or 4000 series reader chips, without the identification medium having to be replaced.
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Investment security & sustainability
The cross-standard transponder chip is in line with the progressive security level of advant transponder technology, and there is also a prime memory on the chip. What’s more, a LEGIC 4000 series reader chip can also access the prime memory.

Simplified card design
Whilst up to now several transponder chips for different RF standards had to be placed on a data medium, with the CTC platform a single chip is sufficient. For ID medium manufacturers this means a simplified card design and lower costs.