Advant transponder chips - for all applications

Transponder chips on wafer
Transponder chips on wafer

Advant as chip are classic memory transponder chips for smartcards (badge), key fobs, keys and other identification media.

Thanks to the flexible multi-application function, up to 127 applications can be combined. Advant transponder chips are available with different memory sizes and for various ISO standards (ISO 14443, ISO 15693). Thanks to the multi-RF transponder CTC, flexible migration from prime to advant is possible.

  • ATC256-MV410: Its big range and excellent encryption make it the best ISO 15693 chip ever. The ATC256-MV410 achieves security levels in the ISO 15693 world as it was only possible in ISO 14443A until now.
  • ATC1024-MV010: The new 1kByte transponder chip on ISO 15693 achieves with its 3DES authentication a comparable security level as ISO 14443.
  • ATC1024-MV110: The ISO 15693 transponder chip with 1kByte memory and long reading distance (but slow data rate) for simple ID solutions with a moderate number of applications.
  • ATC4096-MP311: The ISO 14443 transponder chip is certified according to Common Criteria EAL5+ and contains a 4kByte memory.
  • CTC4096-MP410: The multi-RF transponder with 4kByte memory communicates via ISO 14443 and LEGIC RF standard and is the first choice for flexible migration to LEGIC advant.
  • CTC4096-MM410: The first transponder chip on 13,56 MHz with 3 RF standards for all kind of multi-applications.