New badges for Rentschler

The introduction of badges (company ID cards) with LEGIC technology has proven successful for Rentschler Biotechnologie. Not only for time and attendance, but also the use of the firm’s staff restaurant and the print management systems are handled by the badge.

Rentschler Biotechnologie GmbH offers the development and production of biotechnological products for other companies. With the introduction of SAP in 2010, Rentschler also planned a change in the time management(time & attendance and access control) to the certified subsystem DEXICON of PCS. In fact, Rentschler already had time & attendance and access control systems from PCS but with magstripe cards that were prone to wear. So they decided to go for a new badge system. It was clear that Rentschler not only wanted a card, but a multifunctional, contactless badge equipped with name and picture of the employee. Rentschler opted for badges with LEGIC technology that has different segments for additional applications. One segment handles the access to the company premises and the buildings as well as the barrier of the employee parking lot. There are other segments for the staff restaurant and the offline access control system PegaSys. At Rentschler Biotechnologie, project-related working hours play a major role, developing, producing and filling of substances is often invoiced at cost. Through integration with the SAP CATS, the registered times are assigned to the appropriate project work packages.

The new badge is also used for the staff restaurant. The products are paid via cashless payment. The system for the staff restaurant gets defined master data via the interface with the SAP system, this is necessary to cash up for the fully automated process and the consumed products. The invoicing is processed directly in the SAP payroll.

An interesting additional function for optimizing costs is the cloud printing solution at Rentschler. The employees print their documents into the cloud and are able to collect them securely at any printer by identifying themselves with their badges (“follow-me-function”). The card numbers are automatically assigned to cost centres that are updated overnight by SAP system. Thus, a cost control of the paper consumption and consumables per cost centre is achieved.

Consequently, Rentschler Biotechnologie plans on expanding the access control and optimizing their processes. They are currently implementing additional functionality which can be integrated into Dexicon, for example video surveillance.

Benefits for the end-user

  • One credential for different applications, such as access or cashless payment
  • Functions can be extended as required
  • Achievement of cost control

Susanne Plank
Marketing PCS Systemtechnik GmbH

“If you decide to implement SAP and LEGIC, it is recommended to take the whole package of functionality.”