Fill up on fuel all over Europe with one card

Before being taken over by Tokheim, ProEda was already a leading manufacturer of autofuel terminals in Switzerland. The company had already recognised the potential of the LEGIC technology platform and had built its success on it. Tokheim now uses this proven concept and is making contactless payments at fuel pumps possible all over Europe.

Tokheim is Europe’s leading manufacturer of petrol pumps, automated fuel pumps and payment systems for petrol stations. In September 2011, Tokheim Switzerland SA took over the products and businesses of ProEda AG. ProEda had been using LEGIC core elements in its autofuel terminals for several years. LEGIC’s success was also ProEda’s success: more and more customers are choosing LEGIC’s forward-looking technology platform for their access systems, time & attendance and car washes. By developing the system with a solution for cashless payments, it is also possible to use smartcards to fill up on fuel.

Convincing advantages
Originally, within the framework of a customer project, ProEda integrated just one contactless reader based on LEGIC core elements into its EasyFill autofuel terminal for company petrol stations and small petrol stations, without the need for credit cards or cash. The advantages of contactless people identification were so convincing that ProEda decided to integrate this novel technology into all of its autofuel terminals. Unlike magnetic cards, smartcards do not suffer any wear and tear. In addition, thanks to LEGIC’s open technology platform, the company and its customers can add new applications at any time.

Newest developments: MultiFill
Thus it is not a surprise that Tokheim remains faithful to LEGIC for their newest development too. The MultiFill autofuel terminal was designed for public petrol stations and combines different payment possibilities, such as a banknote validator, barcode and RFID reader, thus providing a high level of flexibility. New technologies comply with the highest possible security requirements: including IFSF, PCI-DSS, secure network connection and intruder protection. MultiFill has high quality components and new features such as direct redemption of barcode coupons or discounts with a barcode. This is suitable for marketing activities, for example. In addition to filling up with fuel, customers can use their smartcard for other applications, thanks to the LEGIC technology platform.

Europe-wide use
Within the framework of the takeover of ProEda, Tokheim was impressed with the LEGIC technology platform and uses the company’s core elements for payment systems in petrol station shops and in the DiaLOG autofuel terminal. This system is already in use all over Europe in numerous transportation companies, public transport services, construction firms, ski resorts and many other places. So, it is now possible to fill up with fuel all over Europe with one smartcard.