4000 series - unlimited ideas to turn into reality

With LEGIC 4000 series reader ICs, you get the highest degree of flexibility at a competitive price: you can integrate a variety of applications and functions with different identification media. The 4000 series is not only the perfect complement to the advant transponder technology, but also supports third-party transponders such as Mifare. 

The single chip solution for all applications
The 4000 series stands out with its compact design and its low energy use.

Interoperability with Mifare
The 4000 series supports all common RF standards, Bluetooth Smart (BLE), Near Field Communication (NFC) and the cryptographic functions for the entire Mifare family.
> Reference case: 4000 series and Mifare in one system

4000 series with BLE and NFC
We integrated Bluetooth Smart in our latest reader development. LEGIC’s Bluetooth Smart security chipset SC-4300M is a new member of our proven LEGIC 4000 series reader ICs. This innovative, state-of-the-art reader chipset facilitates your entry into the world of mobile identification. Together with our LEGIC Connect trusted service and the software development kits for smartphone apps, the SC-4300 is part of our powerful platform for smart ID solutions.
Furthermore, the 4000 series also supports NFC. Compared to other wireless technologies, NFC has a very short communication distance requiring a conscious user action - thus making the NFC interface a personal one.

Investment protection
The operating system is fully upgradeable, regularly brought into line with the latest technology and extended with new features.

The components of the 4000 series
SC-4300M: This smart security chipset facilitates the entry into the mobile world.
SM-4500: The reader IC for the initialization of transponder chips.
SM-4200: The flexible standard chip to access RFID media for reading and writing.