eTicketing: the next-generation travel card

A travel card should be fraud-proof, cheap and easy to control. With a solution based on LEGIC products and services, the benefits go even further.

Flexible payment models
With the LEGIC technology platform, you can implement fare management according to you individual requirements. All models, such as check-in/check-out, single travel cards, multiple travel cards, season tickets or subscription can be implemented.

Reduce costs
Contactless with RFID means there is no wear and tear. This means you reduce maintenance costs.

With a contactless control device, ticket inspections are fast and safe. LEGIC products comply with current security standards (for example Common Criteria EAL4+).

Free choice of identification media, even NFC smartphones
With LEGIC, you are free to choose the identification media you want to use in your system. This can be an inexpensive transponder chip, a credit card or smartphones. With NFC you can improve cost recovery.

The first step towards the City Card for your city
With the multi-app function, new applications can be added at any time. For example, public-private partnerships can be easily integrated within the framework of a City Card. As the initiator, you always have control of the card and your applications.

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