Reduce costs, increase security and comfort

The Managed Print Services (MPS) field has experienced high growth in recent years. More and more organisations are discovering the advantages in terms of printing costs, comfort and document security. LEGIC products and services have proven their worth particularly in organisations with high security requirements and in association with cashless payments.

Reduce printing and copying costs
An organisation can centrally control all printers in the network and thus record printing costs, assign and bill cost centres.

Increase document security
A central element of the service is the identification medium. Printing, copying and scanning tasks can only be triggered after successful identification, for example with an employee ID or student ID.

Existing employee and student ID cards can be extended to include a printer application at any time thanks to the multi-app function. You are free to choose your identification medium; this could be a smart card, credit card or smartphone.

Independence & Control
Thanks to the unique security concept, Master-Token System Control ™, you have control over your system and free choice of your system supplier.

Environment protection
Optimising printing leads to more efficient use and therefore a reduction in resources and emissions.