Convenient payments

Opt for the secure and convenient alternative to cash payment. Cashless payment systems based on LEGIC products and services have already proven their value in various environments. Cashless payments can also be easily combined with other applications.

Convenience & Efficiency
With an electronic payment system, paying with cash becomes a thing of the past. You can pay at ease at machines, in the canteen, on the campsite or in fitness clubs. In companies and institutions, employees can pay with their employee ID. The payment process is quicker and more efficient.

All payment models are possible
Pre-paid, post-paid and online payments. With LEGIC products and services, all payment models can be implemented.

Pay anywhere thanks to LEGIC cashTM
The LEGIC cash standard standardises cashless payments, for example in company canteens and other contactless payment systems. It allows different partners to operate an electronic purse together and gives end users a choice between several providers.

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The LEGIC technology platform complies with all common standards and with third-party technologies like MIFARE. You are free to choose your identification medium; this could be a smart card, credit card or smartphone.