Secure and flexible time & attendance

A time and attendance system is the optimal addition to other applications based on the LEGIC technology platform, such as access control and cashless payments. Data is protected according to the latest standards.

Possibility to combine and extend
Thanks to the LEGIC Multi-App function, you can freely combine your time & attendance system with other applications, such as access control or cashless payments. Systems can be subsequently extended to include new applications.

Separated applications
Thanks to the unique security concept, LEGIC Master Token System Control™, time and attendance can be conveniently and securely separated from other applications. Different suppliers can therefore use the storage space of an identification medium, without accessing the data.

The LEGIC technology platform complies with all common standards and with third-party technologies like MIFARE. You are free to choose your identification medium; this could be a smart card, credit card or smartphone.

Data protection
Confidential data stored on an identification medium is extremely well protected with the LEGIC technology platform. Thanks to the Master Token System Control ™, reader can only access data for which they have authorisation.